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    Intel 400-series Chipset Motherboards to Lack PCIe Gen 4.0, Launch Pushed to Q2

    Most could care less about PCIe 4.0. Maybe 1% of user out there are impatiently waiting for it. Everyone else....eh not so much.
  2. hapkiman

    Brand new ssd dead from newegg... what do I do?

    Check Samsung Magician software and I'll bet it shows it's running at x2 speeds. For OP: I would contact NewEgg and explain your dilemma. They might help you out. Its worth a try at least.
  3. hapkiman

    Intel 10th Generation Core "Comet Lake" Lineup Detailed

    This article is as credible as a dollar one, or 1.00 $.
  4. hapkiman

    AMD Radeon RX 5700 Series Reference Models Revealed

    So not impressed with the RX 5700 series. After all the build up over the past couple of years, I was hoping for a RTX 2080Ti equivalent. Not a sometimes yes ~ sometimes no RTX 2070 one.
  5. hapkiman

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    If you're going to go RGB why not go full unicorn? Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3466 (PC4-27700) C16
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    What Graphic Card Should I get ?????

    Check out this review. I believe the 2060 would be the better choice as it does edge out the 1070 Ti ever so slightly, and it uses newer tech. But an argument can be made for the 1070 Ti as well. https://www.fullexposure.photography/nvidia-rtx-2060-vs-gtx-1070-ti-benchmark-review/
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    Digital Storm Lynx (i7 9700K + RTX 2070)

    If you have an old product key from Windows 7 Pro, Windows 7 Ultimate, or Windows 8/8.1 Pro you can use it to upgrade to Win 10 Pro for free.
  8. hapkiman

    Corsair ONE i160 Compact Gaming PC

    Kind of a cool rig for a pre-built small FF rig but Corsair- why would you use a Z370 motherboard with an i9 9900K proc? Poor choice. There are Z390 ITX boards available.
  9. hapkiman

    In Wake of Controversy, Intel-Paid Principled Technologies Retesting AMD Ryzen Processors

    PT seems somewhat out of touch with what a current gamer uses for a rig in 2018. I can’t think of a single person I know of, that has 64GB of RAM in their gaming rig. And I can count the ones with 32GB on one hand. 16GB is the norm.
  10. hapkiman

    SteelSeries QcK Limited

    No never tried the OCK. But I have washed this in the machine before and it came out just fine (let it air dry, don't put it dryer). The surface feels great to me. I think this one is excellent quality and it was only $25 on Amazon.
  11. hapkiman

    SteelSeries QcK Limited

    This is my main mousepad. Very good quality and looks sharp.
  12. hapkiman

    Need Experts Suggestion: Should Sell my Gtx 1070 Rig now and buy New 11 series Next month? Or keep current Rig, just add new..?

    With nothing but rumours at this time, I would sit tight, and wait it out. Your system specs show a decent rig that's not outdated at all.
  13. hapkiman

    Where are the promised MSI Spectre/Meltdown BIOS updates?

    I have an MSI board, a Z370 Gaming 5 (which I love BTW), and I have not updated the BIOS (I'm still on version 7B58v12) nor am I worried about Spectre or Meltdown, or any of the variants that will be or have been coming out over the next few months years. This is something that I think we will...
  14. hapkiman

    Kingston A1000 480 GB

    Thanks for the review! I still question the need for a PCIe x2 interface M.2. In real world applications is it really going to be any [noticeably] faster than a regular old SATA SSD like the Samsung 860 EVO 500GB, which is $25 cheaper and stays cool as a cucumber? Just seemed to me like the...
  15. hapkiman

    EVGA Says Goodbye to Driver DVDs

    You had a good run OD's. RIP.