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    NVIDIA "Pascal" GPUs to be Built on 16 nm TSMC FinFET Node

    8k gaming. nothing else matters.
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    MSI and Corsair Announce GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk Graphics Card

    what is it good-for.. absolutely no-thing.. is this some kind of vogue to stuff computer cases with Cu-Al hybrids that will one day selfdestruct?
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    Lian Li Announces The PC-X510 Tower Chassis

    ive a similar problem. i dont understand the case as a whole. it doesnt even have the usual wheels. if i want a huge case, i take phanteks. otherwise i might as well go rack..
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will Ship with DirectX 12 Support: AMD

    now why do they bother to stir the dx12 soup when the dinner wont be ready for xmas 2015? we need to know which graphics cards to prioritize, and with zero testable dx12 apps, we cannot make the relevant decision.
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    The truth is NOT out there, there are no alien civilisations.

    :) that may be the first half of the reason. :P
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    The truth is NOT out there, there are no alien civilisations.

    humans are the only alien "civilisation" in the universe. the other civs are friendly and cooperative and are effectively hiding from human arrogance and hypocracy. let it stay that way.
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    70% GPU usage in The Witcher 3 (sli)

    time to get 6700k :twitch:
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    Need for Speed (2015) Gameplay

    the run wasnt bad for a one big ass race. the idea was quite ok. but was it 60fps? i noticed stuttering all the time. we need a remake of porsche unleashed and all titles released before it. nfs - super retro.
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    Any Suggestions for Low Spec Laptop Games?

    ok, try atonement - scourge of time its a mystery to me, the game commences.. for the usual fee, plus expenses..
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    What are you playing?

    how about aarklash - legacy?
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    What are you playing?

    did you like torchlight ii?
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    MSI Readying a Liquid-cooled OC Series Graphics Card with Corsair Tech

    for how long can such adevice operate without failure?
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    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    so i was curious about jeremy soule and peeked at wikipedia, and its really astonishing in what particular games one can find js's signature https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Soule
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    ASUS Announces STRIX Series Sound Cards

    if i reckon, the recon3d chip isnt of spectacular quality. sbz should be qualitatively on a higher level. but regarding the silent mode on strix, thats a very relevant question.
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    ASUS Announces STRIX Series Sound Cards

    <sarc>ASUS you have failed!!!! i expected the heavenly capacitors right from VATICAN!!!!</sarc> not interested in your marketing KRAP, release the data sheet and be done with it.