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    Why are some people still saying a 4-thread i5 is good enough with a beefy GPU...

    I was recently given an i3 platform (mobo+cpu) which I didn't thing could handle any modern game titles. To my surprise I started with D3 and it ran flawlessly, from there I moved one to more recent/resource intensive games and it showed no slow downs, to the point where I have been playing KI...
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    TechPowerUp Announces NVCleanstall - Customize Your NVIDIA Driver Installation

    I probably did accidentally but I recall using the "Install recommended" and not particularly unchecking any boxes. I should've taken a screen shot :shadedshu: great software tho, thank you for the reply :rockout:
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    TechPowerUp Announces NVCleanstall - Customize Your NVIDIA Driver Installation

    While it definitely works as it should, I was testing it out last night and for some odd reason it would always fail to install a generic "PCI Device" driver on my RTX 2080. Not really that big of a deal but after a while I gave up and went with the default driver install off the Nvidia website :/
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    Your PC ATM

    Finally gave in onto the RGB craze :p which I gotta say is not that bad and funny enough the video card has little to no flare :rolleyes:
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    I have a problem with the tiny pins on the mobo (hd audio, led, etc)

    You are absolutely correct on the motherboard hole mounts because this is a Dell proprietary one. Another issue will be the required extra power lead for the RX 580 not to mention that it either comes with a 265-watt PSU or a 320-watt model which may not handle the new GPU. The only saving...
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    Will having a 64-bit interface width affect performance on GT 1030 ?

    with the GT 1030 I'd be more concerned about purchasing the one with GDDR5 than the older one with DDR4, because even with a reduced bandwith of 64, the newer revision will still outperform the older one that may come with a bandwidth of 128. I actually own the msi 1030 OC (low profile) which...
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    How much system memory you have on PC and for what purpose it's used

    32gb on my Xeon system at work for photoshop, video editing, etc :cool: 32gb on my gaming system at home for videogames only :D 16gb on my mac mini for internet browsing, emails & youtube :p
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    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    Using ghostery / adblock on both chrome and FF plus added this filter to adblock ||coin-hive.com/lib/coinhive.min.js
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    Steam Racing Games

    Depending on your wheel and pedal setup, you may want to look into getting Sonic All Star Racing, while I'm sure lots of kids love it for its graphics (myself included) it only supports some steering wheels and has some issues with Logitech.
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    StarCraft Remastered $5 off

    This is actually the small price push I was waiting to finally make the jump on this game. Yeah some people may say/think $5 is not that big of a deal but at $9.99, this purchase is a no brainer. Thanks for posting this.
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    Would you opt-in to allow for CPU mining while visiting the forums for them to remain ad free?

    I "may" opt-in if the functionality of the mining script was properly and transparently described. At least for me, the main issue is that many of these browser-based mining scripts continue using resources long before the visitor has left the website, and the script can only be stopped by...
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    Help identifying unknown bittorrent client

    Sounds like a spoofed user agent session of bit torrent or transmission. Could also be a random client ID generated by an out-of-the-US pathway.
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    SSD or HD for my use

    Based off this https://www.anandtech.com/show/8747/samsung-ssd-850-evo-review/4?_ga=2.51429993.1967548656.1511989059-1789913689.1511812488 Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Lifespan with 20GiB of Host Writes per Day with 1.5x Write Amplification - 93.5 years Lifespan with 100GiB of Host Writes per Day...
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    Video Capture Device

    Completely agree on this. There's a lot of forum members who work on the post-production/video industry (myself included) and can recommend from the best and most expensive to the most affordable and effective. If you want quality captures with no device control you can use Exzvid, TinyTake...
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    Mozilla Announces Firefox Quantum Web-browser

    Been using "old" firefox on a Mac with Desktop monitor and after upgrading to this version (57.0) the memory footprint definitely decreased. IMO, so far, so good.