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    Is there any DVD Dual Layer Re-Writable Media?

    For God's sake people...do you really not understand the difference between a recordable and a rewritable disc? :shadedshu:
  2. heky

    Is there any DVD Dual Layer Re-Writable Media?

    Yes and that is just confirming what i was saying all along...DVD DL RW does not exist. The discs were just to expensive to make...(companies did demo the discs, but never made them for consumers to buy)
  3. heky

    Is there any DVD Dual Layer Re-Writable Media?

    1. I know what Plextor is, i used to have 2 back in the day. 2. DVD DL RW discs don't exist. Period. (just buy the discs you are talking about and see for yourself) 3. Bluray is a whole different story...
  4. heky

    Is there any DVD Dual Layer Re-Writable Media?

    Look again! Sorry to disappoint, but those are not re-writable. They are writable...but 1 time only! They would have to be labelled DVD+RW to be re-writable! Double layer re-writable DVD discs don't exist! Period!
  5. heky

    Is there any DVD Dual Layer Re-Writable Media?

    Those are not re-writable...just saying in case you missed it.
  6. heky

    advises for upgrade

    I wouldn't buy intels 1151 socket now, it is end of the road for new processors on this platform. On the other side Amd with its AM4 platform willl be upgradable for a couple of years more. You can also get higher core processors with this platform. Dont buy Intel now, it is a bad buy imho.
  7. heky

    Antec Announces New High Current Gamer Gold PSUs

    There are no extra capacitors in the cables. Look at the photos, the Pci-ex cables are flat. This is probably just bad usage of the English language in the marketing material. And since they are talking about "storing power", i think they mean the main capacitors in the PSU itself. If not, this...
  8. heky

    Amd Ryzen refresh and X470 up for preorder.

    You cant buy it yet, they release on 19.4. But you can preorder one and get it on the 19th.
  9. heky

    Samsung to Double NAND Memory Output Capacity in China

    LOL...guys you are awesome...that is why i love TPU!
  10. heky

    AMD Product Roadmap Slides for 2020 Leaked - "Castle Peak" TR4 and "Dali"

    Me too, lol, i actually own 5 of them. On topic: With 7nm Ryzen, i am going back to camp AMD afer a long long time.
  11. heky

    Modders Get "Coffee Lake" Chips to Work Stable on Intel 100/200-series Chipsets

    Not true. The pins are there!
  12. heky

    New Ryzen 2600 gets 17% single core performance boost

    Just like what Intel did with the 8700k. - the 2 more cores obviously. You realize that is effectively what the 8700K`s at right now, yes?
  13. heky

    Sennheiser Sets New Audiophile Standard with Launch of HD 820 Headphones

    Sure they probably sound awesome, but for 2.4k you can build yourself a full atmos system with an avr or a really sweet stereo system with a nice amp.
  14. heky

    ASUS Announces the ROG Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard - Monoblock Preinstalled

    Buahahaha...you either have to be kidding or have no idea what you are talking about. And sorry, but that board is just fugly as hell.
  15. heky

    Currently best AIO that can beat Noctua D15?

    Wait for the new EK stuff...i have the Predator 240 1.1, and it is just awesome...its silent, keeps the overclocked 5820k cool and it is expandable! Also you can drain the unit anytime and replace the coolant. Or just change the tubes to clear ones and add some color of your liking...better than...