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    ASUS Announces the ROG Maximus IX Extreme Motherboard - Monoblock Preinstalled

    Buahahaha...you either have to be kidding or have no idea what you are talking about. And sorry, but that board is just fugly as hell.
  2. heky

    Currently best AIO that can beat Noctua D15?

    Wait for the new EK stuff...i have the Predator 240 1.1, and it is just awesome...its silent, keeps the overclocked 5820k cool and it is expandable! Also you can drain the unit anytime and replace the coolant. Or just change the tubes to clear ones and add some color of your liking...better than...
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    KFA2 Intros GeForce GTX 1070 Single-slot Graphics Card

    "Aluminium fin-channel"...hm...looks more like copper to me...
  4. heky

    [UPDATED] Reassuringly expensive Palit GTX 1080 gloriously kicks the bucket!

    You thinking that the Zotac has better components underneath is whishfull thinking. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i had just the opposite happen to me, than what happened to you. I had the Zotac Gtx980 AMP Omega( same pcb than the extreme) die on me just like that. Now i went for the Gainward...
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    Thermal paste question

    Can not agree with you there mate...most of the pastes dry out in time (even more if at high temps)...i see this almost daily when reparing older laptops/desktops.
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    MSI Reveals Custom GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards

    The Sea Hawk EK looks promising...
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    i7 5960x overclocking profile

    You probably have a few oc profiles built into your BIOS...these will do what you are looking for...for anything more, you will have to do it manually by yourself.
  8. heky

    Ryzen 4c/8t benchmark

    Sure, but there is no same arhitecture chip that i know of where the unlocked 4 core chip would clock less than an unlocked 8 core chip. And since their 8 core chips clock at around 4.0 to 4.2 ghz, the 4 core chips are highly unlikely to clock lower. I think it is safe to say they will clock higher.
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    6900k, 4.6@ 1.410vcore. Do i keep it?

    These voltage "walls" are there becouse of electron migration(to prevent it). So becouse for example the 14nm process is a lot smaller than say 32nm, the max voltage has to be smaller. In theory...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Leaked Benchmarks Analyzed, Faster Than Intel’s Fastest 6 Core

    I think i might switch to team red this time...
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    New 4k tv ideas

    Just a heads up...the European UE65KS8000 is equivalent to the North American UN65KS9000. I have the 49" european ks8000 and its an awesome set.
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    Intel DX12 TechDemo - Asteroids

    I get 430fps @4K Fullscreen
  13. heky

    Intel DX12 TechDemo - Asteroids

    Downloaded, but it doesnt work. It just closes with the "has stopped working" window. Any ideas? Also the size is just 1mb, is that right?
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    Best TV under 50''

    True about OLED, the screens really have a gorgeous picture...but there is a problem with OLED...burn-in and pixel lifetime...if you use the TV only for watching movies and TV, its ok, but if you use it as a computer monitor, where the picture can stagnate for hours at a time, OLED is problematic.
  15. heky

    Best TV under 50''

    Samsung UN49KS8000...its 4K, HDR, ...and its under 1000$ at the moment.