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  1. Hnykill22

    What are you playing?

    Fallout 4 heavily modded with new i7 9700K, RTX 2070 Super, DDR4 3600mhz.
  2. Hnykill22

    What are you playing?

    Fallout 3 and New Vegas. far Cry 5 when i get my RTX 2080 super soon. and maaan. got a dead pixel in the midlle of the monitor "BenQ XL2411T" not much but i know of it. so RTX 2080 super and 27" 165 HZ 1ms monitor on my list. aaaannnnd i need a i dirt bike. im 39 years old so i should be done...
  3. Hnykill22

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

  4. Hnykill22

    Need advices for a monitor

    nothing wrong with TN panel if you sit infront of it.. only spectators complain ;)
  5. Hnykill22

    What are you playing?

    Unreal II The Awakening
  6. Hnykill22

    Looking for a mid tower case with good airflow and dust filters

    Corsair Obsidian 450D. great airflow and dust filters.
  7. Hnykill22

    Health , Medical ;

    tar and black lungs are gone with e-wapes. its just moisture the lungs can clean peretty eaisyly. sigarettes and e-wape are not the same.. but you get nicotine. thats all
  8. Hnykill22

    Silent computer: Case and Fans - which to pick?

    Corsiair Obsidian 450D with 140mm Noctua fans and 1 120mm at back.
  9. Hnykill22

    Metro exodus@ Amazing

    Great looking game. im buying it :)
  10. Hnykill22

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    BeQuiet Silent Loop 280mm for my new i7 9700K CPU. going for 5 GHZ so i need a good cooler. using 140mm Noctua fans with it.
  11. Hnykill22

    What are you playing?

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition.. still a great game ! :)
  12. Hnykill22

    Is my GPU starting to die?

    do you have another GPU or can borrow one to test this ?
  13. Hnykill22

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    i5 9600K for new gaming build and a Asus 27" PG278QR monitor for 1440p gaming :)
  14. Hnykill22

    Intel Core i5-9600K

    Not working for me.. sorry.. 5 Ghz @ 1.4v will be it for me.. if a game chrashes or something alse will fall i figure it out.. but this AVX is just torture thing on the CPU. guess i hope i never see it in real application :)
  15. Hnykill22

    Intel Core i5-9600K

    been in bios.. dl OCCT now.. will test. Nope wont go. tortures my system too much... to much voltage ?.. i have good cooling.. what's keeping me off ? ok.. lowering voltage to. 1.3V K i'm done.. not messing with AVX =/ ...games and everything works fine.. this is just some monster test of a...