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    IGN says Call of Duty is Boring

    I liked the characters in the COD campaigns. Modern Warfare had Soap, Price, Roach, Ghost etc. You always knew that one of the main guys would get killed off, but you still had Soap and Price to fall back on. The deaths of main playable characters were critical to the storyline. For example...
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    I need this NOW!!! I used to love the original and realise this is NOTHING like it. But, ripping upgrade chips out of the skulls of enemies = ok in my books :D
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    MW3 and the angry bear with a tutu!

    Teddy bear with golden Deagles!
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    xbox 360 and HD TV issues :(

    Yes, of course. Maybe his new TV is dodgy. If his TV truly supports 1920 x 1080 he should be able to select 1080p without any problems. TS, what video connection are you using? Component, VGA or HDMI
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    HDTV advice needed, please.

    I got up the power usage details and that 50" plasma would draw less than my current LCD :D
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    HDTV advice needed, please.

    I just measured my viewing distance and right now it's 2m. But, after Christmas, I put my living room back to it's normal state and my viewing distance then becomes 3m.
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    HDTV advice needed, please.

    DAMN! My budget wouldn't stretch that far :(
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    HDTV advice needed, please.

    I was only considering the upgrade to the 50" because of the larger screen. I think it would be pointless to sell my current 42" (which still runs really nice) for another 42" (albeit a better quality one) or a small screen size increase like 4 inches. Thanks anyway :D I think my seating...
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    HDTV advice needed, please.

    I own an 42" LG 1080p LCD TV (LG5000), it's about 2 years old and cost around £600 when I purchased it. I've been offered £250 for it and was thinking about grabbing this TV in it's place (LG 50" 1080p 3D Plasma) ...
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    New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2012.

    Who are you calling a son of a bitch? Internet tough guy!
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    How much would you pay for a Factory sealed SNES game?

    It depends. If you were a collector of mint, rare retro gaming software/hardware and NEEDED that game for your collection, you would pay anything you could afford. Something that's worthless to one person, is priceless to another.
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    MW3 looks dated vs BlackOps O_o

    Modern Warfare 3 is AWESOME!!!
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    New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2012.

    Thanks Captain Obvious! We get a new COD every year, didn't you know that? I CAN'T WAIT!!!
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    Are you buying MW3

    It's like Marmite!