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    Intel's Energy-Efficient Core i9-9900T Pops up on Geekbench 4

    I saw that video, but I meant something more serious (targeting and actual acceptable TDP like 40-45W - not for giggles, running chipset cooler on the cpu), and with a 3700X that has less cores to deal. Than compare power consumption/performance vs the 9900T
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    Intel's Energy-Efficient Core i9-9900T Pops up on Geekbench 4

    Intel's TDP is defined by "all core workload @ base Clock", so TDP is based on 2.1GHz@all-core.. boosting on several cores will be be much higher.. and nothing to say about running AVX workload on that thing, it will either be funny on the power draw side or drop clocks even lower. it would be...
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    Cooler Master Masterbox NR600

    With most cases, the vertical GPU mount is too close to the side panel of the case, so the fans on 2/3 slot air-cooled cards suffocate and the GPU thermal throttles. on the other hand, for water-cooled cards this doesn't matter at all. that's why only cards you should put on that vertical mount...
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    Cooler Master Masterbox NR600

    Why would anyone want a vertical GPU mount on a case like this ? vertical GPU mounts only work on water-cooled cards, I wouldn't think anyone with money for water-cooled card will shop a $69 case.
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    Seasonic Prime AirTouch to Finally Launch Mid-January

    From the Jonnyguru review , at least the RM750i he reviewed was made by CWT as he commented, but that shouldn't be the only factor buying a PSU, we should look on this per product and not only based on the OEM behind the product. at the end there might be even a different revision made by...
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    Intel's 28-core Xeon W-3175X Can be Yours for Just $3,999

    Couldn't they(intel) come up with something better than "14nm++"? just call it 14nm and don't try to brainwash the community that this is 'improved' process node (or is this to 'scam' the 'intellectual' rich investors to keep pouring money on this sinking ship?)
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    Seasonic Prime AirTouch to Finally Launch Mid-January

    So, Buy a Corsair RMxxxi PSU ? NZXT has some PSU's with similar feature to corsair's i series, but at higher price.(made by seasonic from what I found) I have an RM750i, for my system - it never has to turn the fan on even on stress testing, the digital readouts are nice feature but after...
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    NVIDIA TITAN RTX Graphics Card Launching Soon

    It is when the performance/$ didn't improve one bit (even got worse) compared to older X70 cards. With the current innovation, We might as well see a $150 gt 2030 and 400$ 'RTX' 2060. Ray tracing might be the future. in 4 or even 5 years. have you even seen BF5 RTX graphics ? outside of still...
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    NVIDIA TITAN RTX Graphics Card Launching Soon

    Right, this argument might be valid if the 2080ti and the Vega 64 were priced the same. Problem - they are not. With the 2080 Ti you pay so much premium because of the stupid high die size that a huge part of it isn't even utilized that much, and with the current state of the 'rtx' demos...
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    NZXT Announces the E Series Digital PSUs, 500 W to 850 W, 80PLUS Gold

    As much as I love seasonic's PSU's, the Corsair RM750i is a highly praised unit that's proven on the market for 2 years already and priced lower from what I saw. the RM750i costs $129 usd new on amazon and amazon right now..
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    Question regarding Flashing a MSI GTX 970 gaming 4G gpu to MSI GTX 980

    I Think mine is a cut down 1080 Ti, where can I download more ROP's and some HBM4 memory ? And to be serious for a moment, you have DEDICATED 4GB OF RAM, 4GB OF ACTUAL RAM ON YOUR CARDS. The 8GB you see is the dedicated memory on the card, + SOME of your SYSTEM RAM that is on connected to your...
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    Intel Speed Shift Technology Skylake

    I have tested an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro with the 6700HQ some time ago and it wasn't enabled there either. (It was on the November W10 build so it should've worked)
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    BIOSTAR HyperOC Technology for Non-K Overclocking Revealed

    Currently all of the X99 parts are K parts . I don't see this changing with Skylake-E .
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    Buying a new display tomorrow, which dell ?

    Personally got the U2415 , a display that i think is a good middle of the road solution, bigger than the U2414 , 16:10 is the best if you don't watch videos the whole day, better calibrated, and no crazy small objects on the screen like on an 1440P 25" Display.
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    OFFICIAL Assassins Creed Syndicate (Discussion)

    Performance wise it actually runs fine on my poor R9 270X at 1200p with high details. and the game itself is more fun than unity , and a lot less buggy as well.