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    Which new console would you buy?

    If you already own a gaming PC, this is basically the most logical choice to make since whatever game comes to the Xbox it will also come to Microsoft Store (PC) The only shame in this whole console thing is Microsoft. Period. They have been putting PC gamers in second place, while making BS...
  2. ice_v

    Razer Also Announces Orbweaver Chroma Mechanical Gaming Keypad

    I think quite a few hardcore gamers use them...I modified my Orbweaver to suit my fps/rpg style of gaming: http://i.imgur.com/XP8nI5v.jpg
  3. ice_v

    ViewSonic Introduces 24-inch 16:10 Ergonomic Desktop Display

    Now all it needs is 120Hz refresh rate and I might just have found a replacement for my current 1680x1050@120Hz monitor
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    BenQ XL2420G 'Hybrid Engine' G-SYNC Monitor Coming This Fall

    Is this yet another 1080p 16:9 labeled as "gamer monitor"? :rolleyes:
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    Gaming Monitor 1920X1200 vs 1920X1080

    Soooo...has anyone found a decent 1920x1200 gaming monitor yet? Even amongst the Korean ones? At least do the mainstream ones (AoC, Dell, Asus) reach 75Hz?
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    Restoring partition to a RAID 0 Drive

    Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time figuring this one out by myself...wondering if you could help? Here's what I'm trying to do: Basically my Games partition (I have a partition where I keep all my games installed) is almost full (no thanks to steam sales :p) ...This partition is on a WD 250Gb...
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    AMD 2014 Mobile APUs to Deliver Leaps in Performance and Battery Life

    Guess what! I got a fever...and the only prescription, is more PowerPoint slides: :D
  8. ice_v

    AMD Debuts New SDK, Tools and Libraries, for Heterogeneous Computing Developers

    An AMD Press Release without powerpoint slides? :eek: :eek: :eek: let me fix that: :D
  9. ice_v

    Mad Catz Announces S.T.R.I.K.E.M Mobile Keyboard

    Hold on a sec! Could I connect this to my PC via bluetooth and use it as a regular keyboard? :confused:
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    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    Ahem...... Steam's active user base is by the way somewhere around 54-55 millions by now, and growing... So I'm having a really hard time believing this "PC is dead" mantra...as I see it, the PC is a sleeping giant, that year after year is having less and less good sleep and might just wake...
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    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    My Windows XP experience: from 26 July 2002 (yes I remember it because it was my birthday and my present was my very first own PC which came with Win XP) to December 2009 when under Xmas holidays I joyed the very first days of my Win 7 64 bit on my rig...so that makes 7 years and 5 months of XP...
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    DirectX 11.2 Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

    "...and then port the game to Xbone" or just middle-finger the damn thing directly in the name of competition and stick with the PS4 and/or PC with win7 64bit :nutkick: :D Seriously though I think it's just another way to patch the fact that the hardware of the xbone is somewhat inferior to...
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    Best wireless gaming keyboard?

    Kickstarter People out there...are you reading this? This is so true now... I'm sick of these expensive ultra pro wired gaming keyboards...I'm playing on a OLD wireless EX110 Logitech...this stuff is 2005 old, it's a good wireless keyboard but now it's kinda reaching the end of cycle...I don't...
  14. ice_v

    Bioshock Infinite Will Not Support Windows XP

    hate to be taken as an xp fan, but if it runs on the consoles why can't it run on xp systems?
  15. ice_v

    Rosewill Showcasing New Gaming Keyboard, PC Chassis at CES 2013

    Is it just me or do I see a detachable usb cable on that keyboard? so could it be wireless? :eek: