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    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    A box of mice for $10. Two Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1A and three Microsoft WMO 1.1A and one for parts. I think I have enough for my grandchildren to use.
  2. IceScreamer

    Help me to identify the motherboard!

    Oh right, I missed that part, sorry.
  3. IceScreamer

    Help me to identify the motherboard!

    Scroll a bit down the page, under PC Partner, looks to be it. http://ixbtlabs.com/articles/i815moboroundupjun2k1/index.html
  4. IceScreamer

    Anyone remember OCZ brand (not SSDs)?

    I still have their OCZ power supply, works like a charm, apart from the fan which makes an odd noise. Will replace it soon but damn if it didn't serve me well, blackouts, brownouts, surges, still works.
  5. IceScreamer

    What are you playing?

    I found out the name of the game I saw my neighbor play when I was a kid and picked it up on GOG. It's Still Life and damn it's amazing.
  6. IceScreamer

    Katamari Damacy Comes to the PC as a Remastered Edition

    Man, loved playing this on my PS2, perfect game for relaxing.
  7. IceScreamer

    System boots slow when left powered off for long

    I'd try checking the PSU itself first if you have a replacement. I'd also try booting a live linux distro off a USB to see if it has something to do with the drives.
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    Free Games Thread

    Always wanted to try Dwarf Fortress but felt intimidated by the graphics and the stories, this should be right up my alley.
  9. IceScreamer

    Free Games Thread

    Warhammer 40k Space Marine free on HumbleBundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/warhammer-40000-space-marine?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2
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    Sharkoon Announces NIGHT SHARK ATX Midi Tower Anniversary Case

    Missed the opportunity to call it the "Shark tank".
  11. IceScreamer

    Buy an 8000 intel CPU now or wait for 9th gen?

    Well the 8k cpu's won't disappear and if you don't really need to upgrade then it's better to wait and see what the 9k will bring.
  12. IceScreamer

    Tom's Hardware Edioter-in-chief's stance on RTX 20 Series : JUST BUY IT

    Damn, the only reason to even visit that site anymore is for their PSU and case reviews basically, what a shame.
  13. IceScreamer

    Low Profile GPU Recommendation

    Cheaper, but slower, I think it was a rebranded HD7750, that means it's closer to the HD5770 which is noticeably slower than the cards you mentioned.
  14. IceScreamer

    Low Profile GPU Recommendation

    Just make sure you get the GDDR5 version and not the DDR4 one.
  15. IceScreamer

    Low Profile GPU Recommendation

    I think GT1030 would fit that description, tho I think it's a bit slower than HD5870 and bit faster than a GTX460.