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    INNO3D Announces Their New iCHILL X3 JEKYLL Dual-Fan Cooling Solution - Two Fans, Two Personalities

    I think I'm in love, so gaudy and excessive, I love it. Go big or go home. I despise any form of RGB but this, this I dig.
  2. IceScreamer

    Microsoft Revamping Its IntelliMouse With Improved Sensor

    I really really like the shape of this thing, that and the understated looks, don't really care about the DPI/accuracy but the shape seems perfect.
  3. IceScreamer

    Raidmax Neon RGB is a Mid-Tower Dominated by RGB LED Front Lighting

    "If the air doesn't go in then it doesn't need to go out." - Raidmax designers
  4. IceScreamer

    Does this cooler has a cooper base ?

    Hm, odd, it's listed at that price at most stores here, probably a europe intended product.
  5. IceScreamer

    Does this cooler has a cooper base ?

    I think that is an all aluminum cooler. I'd get the Akasa as @FreedomEclipse mentioned or an Arctic Alpine 12, both should be around the price of the stock cooler. Or if you can get the one I currently use LC Power LC-CC-95, small tower cooler, I paid $12 for it, new.
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    Far Cry "New Dawn" Announced, Launching February 15th - New Montana With a Post-Apocalyptic Twist

    I'm basing this on my experiences with Far Cry and The Crew, AC is out of my domain so yea, shouldn't put them in the same basket.
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    Far Cry "New Dawn" Announced, Launching February 15th - New Montana With a Post-Apocalyptic Twist

    So this is to FC5 what was Primal to FC4. For this reason alone I can't stand latest Ubisoft games, they literally take a "safe" gaming mechanic and apply a coat of new paint with each release. Does this make those games bad, probably no, but for me it just makes them look like...
  8. IceScreamer

    Epic Games Begins Moving its Games Off Steam and on to its Own Store Platform

    So is GOG safe from this move or? And while these free games and revenue split are nice this game launcher segmentation sucks.
  9. IceScreamer

    Feedback for Image Comparison Slider

    I think it should be better if it was draggable manually and not moving instantly with the mouse, this still works great tho.
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    What are you playing?

    Still playing Still Life, good god that lockpicking puzzle drove me insane. And the gingerbread making puzzle, literally the only thing I had to look up, not the puzzle itself but the gingerbread recipe, what percentage of players knew that by heart I wonder.
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    You know AMD Athlon 200GE with no multiplier ... does have a multiplier on specific MSI motherboards

    I don't know why but finds like these excite me waaay more than new high end builds and components. Just hope this doesn't get "fixed".
  12. IceScreamer

    Looking for Android phone advice

    Out of those listed the Moto G6 Play would be my pick, 3 of 4 phones used was a Motorola and all were great, nice almost stock android.
  13. IceScreamer

    Your Retro Gaming PC Builds (1995 - 2005)

    I have an older PC I could take pics of but it's pretty boring. But I love the type of content you put out, subscribed.
  14. IceScreamer

    TPU Site Issues 2018

    Just got this error.