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    How to stop Facebook harvesting your data

    These are some good pointers that I was not aware of. If it wasn't for the groups I'm in I would have left years ago, and because a lot of people have an account I don't see a simpler (for everyday layman) way to connect to others.
  2. IceScreamer

    Intel "Hades Canyon" NUC Motherboard Pictured

    Looks so nasty, and damn, it's faster than the PC I currently use.
  3. IceScreamer

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X & Ryzen 5 2600 Review Popped Up Ahead of Time

    Wait, hold up, the TDP increased? I'll wait for further benchmarks but this seems like a clock bump with with latency/memory improvements.
  4. IceScreamer

    Corsair vs450 power supply sufficient enough?

    All the things you said are pointing to a power supply issue. If you can, borrow a different power supply and check the voltages, but I'm 99% sure the PSU is the issue. From what I remember the VS series from Corsair is not regarded as a good PSU, also any overclocking on that particular board...
  5. IceScreamer

    How does a post being qualified as "low quality"?

    So, after reading all 9 pages of this I have to say I agree with the implementation of the "low quality" post window. But also, I'd like to see a simple explanation written in that window giving the reason for the action, e.g. off-topic etc. I also very much applaud the system @Vayra86...
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    CTS-Labs Responds to a TechPowerUp Technical Questionnaire

    This was nicely detailed and technical enough, for me at least, to understand. What I'm also surprised by is the Asmedia chip situation. So basically some of these vulnerabilities could possibly spill over to Intel (correct me if I'm wrong). Thhe biggest question for me is will it be possible...
  7. IceScreamer

    CTS Labs Sent AMD and Other Companies a Research Package with Proof-of-Concept Code

    Really curious what will happen. Considering how dubious those researches seem these appear to be legitimate vulnerabilities.
  8. IceScreamer

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    Yea, I don't know if it's just me but I see a lot of these kind of "news" lately. Of course, I am also partly at fault here, because until all of this clears up we don't really know who is right or who is wrong.
  9. IceScreamer

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    If this didn't involve such allegations it would be really really funny, almost like an article from The Onion, with the green screened scenes and everything. But this is just lame, a low blow to either smear the company/the new product or for a financial gain through stock trading. And ffs...
  10. IceScreamer

    13 Major Vulnerabilities Discovered in AMD Zen Architecture, Including Backdoors

    So they notified AMD of the findings and posted the paper 24 hours after, when the usual time frame is, I dunno, more. Also, posting this right before the 2000 series launch. Highly suspicious.
  11. IceScreamer

    Who has TPU´s oldest pc still in use for daily task?

    Dude, I have almost the exact same PC as you, the one with the AsRock board, only it has just 1GB of RAM not, 2, same CPU, MBO and GPU.
  12. IceScreamer

    computer does not boot when video card is connected

    I'm guessing it's an issue with the BIOS and UEFI. Does the board have the latest BIOS installed?
  13. IceScreamer

    Colorful Working on AMD 400-series Chipset AM4 Motherboards

    More choices is always a good option.
  14. IceScreamer

    Games Giveaway (open for 3 days)

    Wow, thanks for the giveaway, I'm in for Van Helsing and Human:Fall Flat.
  15. IceScreamer

    Are your Browsers subject to Cryptojacking ? Test within!

    All safe, Chrome 64, and Palemoon 27.6.2, both with uBlock origin and no antivirus. Edit: Just checked Internet Explorer, no addons, says NOT safe.