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    MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX PWM fan speed up time

    I use this when BIOS has no fan curve options. https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases You can set fan curves, response times and hysteresis etc. tho I think you should disable fan curve in the BIOS if you use this software, temporarily at least, just so the settings do not interfere...
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    Make fans rump up based on gpu temp?

    I use this software https://linustechtips.com/topic/1099996-fancontrol-my-take-on-a-speedfan-replacement/. You can set curves, targets etc. all based off of different sensors, even storage sensors if you need it.
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    Changing my web browser.

    Trick I use to search for words only is to add a space before and after the word I'm searching.
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.32.0 Releases: Cutting-Edge New Features

    Something looks off with power usage, this is on idle. and this is on load (PCI-e render test). Power draw and especially voltages seem off, this is on both latest driver and 445.87. The card performs as it should otherwise.
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    Intel Hires Former AMD GPU Silicon Executive

    Jesus Christ, some people on this forum are so whiny it's really unbearable.
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    Do you really need to play on ultra settings in games?

    The answer to this question depends on the user. If I was to be asked, answer would be no. Of course you don't have to play on Ultra, and by Ultra I mean the absolute maximum settings. Personally I think, and asking some other players/friends confirms this, most cannot tell a difference between...
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    Hardware - do you buy used or new ?

    All used except PSU and HDD/SSD.
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    Gigabyte AORUS X470 ULTRA GAMING and Corsair Vengeance LPX Xmp profile can not be activated

    Make sure you put them in the correct slots. I had an issue when building a friends' PC, the RAM (also Corsair VENGEANCE LPX) worked but it defaulted to 2400 MHz, even with XMP until I checked the manual and put the sticks in the correct slots. After that XMP worked as it should, just a single...
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    What game sequel(s) would you offer up a blood sacrifice...

    A proper Burnout sequel, not Burnout Paradise, something more akin to Burnout 3.
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    How to change the new Steam Library interface?

    I never used small mode so I'm not sure how it's supposed to look like, but I like it, I'm keeping it.
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    How to change the new Steam Library interface?

    Add this to your Steam shortcut, in the target thingy: -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist Tested it, and it works, store doesn't work tho, or I don't know how to open it. EDIT: Aha, removing "-no-browser" allows you to open large mode and enter store when needed. It still opens in...
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    Used RX 570 off AliExpress for $90 ? hot or not?

    Yea, from what little experience with returns me and my brother had, thing usually went rather smooth. I have to stress again, you should really sort the PSU thing out first. If it wasn't for the huge VAT I'd probably get one too for my brother.
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    Used RX 570 off AliExpress for $90 ? hot or not?

    Seems like a decent enough card for the price. Thing is, since it's used there is always a question mark next to it. And Aliexpress is a bit eh on the whole return policy if you ever do need it, at least from second hand experience. If you can try to find a similar card locally, even if for a...
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    EA Games Probably Returning To Steam

    To see them release MW2005, man that would be something. Not even a remaster is needed, just a way to legit get a copy of it. Car/music licensing is probably getting in the way of that one.