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    ETHERNET Port isnt detecting any cable, NO LED's, Feel insecure,purchasing even premium products

    My bet is the adapter got fried. Mine got fried last week, actually exactly a week ago and it wasn't even due to lightning. The power went off and then immediately came back on, the power surge probably fried it.
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    Free Games Thread

    Layers of Fear, free on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/391720/Layers_of_Fear/
  3. IceScreamer

    DOOM Eternal: Spider Demons and Sandworms on Earth

    It sounds like Mick Gordon is making the soundtrack to this as well, that can only be a good thing.
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    MS Cyclops IV pc case review

    This company, MS, is extremely common in my country and most of the stuff they sell is really low quality. But I must admit, the cases they've been putting out lately are really good, and considering the really low price they seem like solid budget cases. I've built a PC for a friend in the...
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    So, lets talk about monitors.

    I won't upgrade this monitor until it breaks or it becomes unusable with other tech that I'm using. That happened with my previous monitor, my GPU died and the replacement did not support VGA, and since the adapters I used were fiddly I bit the bullet and bought my current monitor. The step up...
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    In Win Z-Frame is the Crown Jewel of Computex 2018

    I think of myself as someone who likes simple understated designs, but at the same time I'd really really like to build a PC with something as outrageous as this.
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    Intel Unveils 28-core/56-thread HEDT Processor

    He's jjust a troll, I'd ignore him. Nice to see tech moving forward on the top end, even if I'll probably never need anything close to this.
  8. IceScreamer

    GOG Kicks Off Their Summer Game Sale - Free Xenonauts Copy To All Users

    This sale is pretty good, only one game on my wishlist is not on a discount, and the rest are more than 50%. I've been looking at Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for a while and it seems like a broken (community patches available) but amazing game. Now's the time to get it it seems. Has...
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    What Android Browser do you use

    Chrome for stuff that needs my login and password since it's synced with desktop. But for regular surfing Via browser, pretty quick and light on memory.
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    OFFICIAL Fallout 76 Discussion thread

    I just wish they had Obsidian making it. New Vegas was amazing, but after seeing FO4 I don't have high hopes. But as with everything I'll have to wait and see.
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    Alphacool Presents the Alphacool Powerbutton

    So basically this is a button. I must be going insane, is this some sort of a joke or what?
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    Help - all the black plastic parts of my NZXT Switch 810 are going sticky!

    The coating is getting old and starting to peel, I've seen it a few times already. Only thing I can think of right now is applying plasti dip coating on the black parts, cleaning the old coating first of course. Carefully mask the white parts and spray a few coats of the stuff. Or if you can...
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    No Man's Sky NEXT Update Coming July 24th to All Platforms, Features True Multiplayer

    I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this.
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    T9300 processor new ebay scratches\cracks in die ?

    I bought a T8300 a while ago, there was no film on it and it doesn't look like like yours has it. It's just a bit scratched, and the temps are fine so I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. IceScreamer

    ENERMAX launches T.B.SILENCE ADV, the Superior Ultra Silent Fan

    Same here, my T.B Silence fan that came with the cooler started rattling, tho it took fair bit longer, maybe 2 years. For comparison my Scythe fans are still going strong, bought at the same time as the Enermax.