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    G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4-4000 CL19 2x8GB

    Is it possible to get the timings on the graph labels or otherwise specified somewhere? I'm curious how much better 4000mhz with loose timings is than 3200 C14, for instance
  2. icey

    Editorial Linux Community Hit by the Blight of Social Justice Warfare, A Great Purge is Coming

    This will be dubbed "Linuxgate" within a week or two, and the completely uninformed legacy media will link arms to attack the angry evil alt-right fascist incel trump-supporting racist transphobe (insert any other fashionable ad-homs I forgot) nerds who just wanted to write good code, and build...
  3. icey

    Google To Ban Crypto-Related Advertisements

    That's a fairly silly claim. Most "victims" of ICOs know full well they are likely to lose all their money. They're prepared to lose 9/10 times in the hopes of making 100x+ on one that succeeds. You shouldn't really let your own biases cloud your reporting. I just sat through a two minute ad...