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    AMD Instinct MI300 APU to Power El Capitan Exascale Supercomputer

    We need something like this for desktop.Good Cpu performance and midrange GPU performance.
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    NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Could Reach 800 Watts on Desktop, 175 Watt for Mobile/Laptop

    Madness..Why do we have to put up with this nonsense of every generation been double performance.Rather keep the power envelope in check and bring out new cards every 3 to 4 years with beter than before efficiency..We need lower powered gpu's with more performance.
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    AMD CDNA3 Architecture Sees the Inevitable Fusion of Compute Units and x86 CPU at Massive Scale

    Nope...500% is indeed 5 times more. If you have two apples for comparison they are both equall.Lets says they are both exactly same size then they are 1 to 1.This is why they do the 1.5x or maybe 2.3x explanation these days.The one's are equalls so the points after is the presentation.So 1.5...