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  • cool vid man! VERY VERY intriguing to say the least, hard to beleive they had that going on in the late 30's! i wonder what they're capable of now ? autojector FTW! do you know of more clips like this?
    gotta love house sitting! did you say LAN next weekend? :p good luck to you bro hopefully you crack that 4ghz barrier! i've been trying to get it stable over 3.6 but the droop is killing me :shadedshun:

    thnx for the link i'll have to check it out to get the whole "picture" :D

    din't want to crap Wile E's thread nemoar so........

    man that would be REAL nice if you could get that puppy to 4ghz! are you waiting for anything specific? or just the time?
    i swear i remember seeing that vid you posted (the experiment) somewhere before? quite amazing some of the stuff that's possible!
    yea me to...lets just hope Dwane can keep up with Carell. but the Rock is pretty funny as well.
    haha yea true that! Mel is the best!
    same thing with Space Balls, you would have to see your share of space movies in order to understand the spoof, but SB and MiT would prob be my favorites!
    hey man whats up?

    lol i just watched "men in tights" for like the 30th time... that movie never gets old!
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