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    NVIDIA: Don't Expect Base 20-Series Pricing to Be Available at Launch

    Same. I think I will skip out this generation of cards. The tech looks neat, but I never much cared to be an early adopter. Plus, considering I have not bought any PC games for over a year or two, I'm good.
  2. Ithanul

    [FS][US] CPU's, GPU's and memory

    Darn, that Powercolor RX580 is mighty tempting. Kind of want a red card again to mess with. You said you have them BIOS flashed. What to you have the BIOS set to do? I'm guessing you had it undervolted?
  3. Ithanul

    Entire PC for sale as parts or as complete machine

    The two SSDs still for sale?
  4. Ithanul

    TPU's F@H Team

    I run most of my rigs under Ubuntu or Mint with the Nvidia drivers. Even have the latest Ubuntu working on my Xeon rig.
  5. Ithanul

    [FS/FT][US] Computer hardware/various hardware for sell

    It worked the last time I used the device. I will test it out once I am back from vacation.
  6. Ithanul

    What are you playing?

    Finish Xenoblade 2. Drop around 115 hours into it and enjoyed every one of those hours. Had BoTW, got bored with it and traded it off. ....it just not doing the Zelda itch right for me. Now on Disgaea 5 Complete. Darn, this is one fun game. Probably going to dump a good amount of hours into it.
  7. Ithanul

    [FS/FT][US] Computer hardware/various hardware for sell

    Update: GPU and sound card sold off locally. I still got a few more items I will post just have to get around to taking pictures of them.
  8. Ithanul

    Litecoin seems to be a star performer..

    I had a 7970 (bought for 200 brand new off a peep) and two OG Titans back then. The 7970 be busy between mining and folding 24/7. For giggles, I would do mining on the OG Titans between those cards folding and crunching BOINC units. I think I have some feathercoin somewhere too. :p
  9. Ithanul

    Litecoin seems to be a star performer..

    I have a litecoin wallet on a USB somewhere.... The kicker, I mined them back with a 7970 when it was easy. .....sever kicking of oneself big time, since I know I have quite a few stuck somewhere but can't find the buggers.
  10. Ithanul

    Nvidia Pascal - GT / GTX10xx Owners Club [With Poll

    Well, I am up to two 1080Tis now: a 1080Ti FTW3 and 1080Ti SC. Even have a 1070 Hybrid card too. Going to look funny when I smack the 1070 under the 960 in my F@H/BOINC rig. If the 980Ti don't sell soon, crap it, I will shove it under the two 1080Tis if I can manage it. Should be able to break...
  11. Ithanul

    nicehash has been down all day..

    Thanks for the heads up. I been looking at the Ledger Nano S actually.
  12. Ithanul

    nicehash has been down all day..

    Agree, I will soon to be getting one of those nice USB hardware wallets.
  13. Ithanul

    [FS/FT][US] Computer hardware/various hardware for sell

    I currently have another individual interested in the router. Depending if the deal goes through or not, I will notify you.
  14. Ithanul

    What are you playing?

    Just started up Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Have to say, the battle system still has that nice feel like the first one.