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    AMD Ryzen 8000 Series Processors Based on Zen 5 Architecture Reportedly Codenamed "Granite Ridge"

    Those are 5nm. This news is for the gen after on 3 nm.
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    SSD disabling itself on its own? (4 days in a row now)

    Just now to be sure. Up to date.
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    SSD disabling itself on its own? (4 days in a row now)

    Yes, X470 Aurus Gaming
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    SSD disabling itself on its own? (4 days in a row now)

    @tabascosauz Hi. I also have a SN750 using it temporarily as game drive that sometimes also disconnects after use (happens rarely 4 times in 5 ish months - but discourages me to make it the new OS and boot drive as I initially intended. But i have a 2700x (used on Auto) with 3000Mhz Ram. WD...
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    AMD Announces $4 Billion Share Repurchase Program

    A corporation will corporate. Why use the money from profits to improve availability of products and for research when you can make your shareholder richer and Lisa can get a fat bonus?
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    2700X high temps with ARO M14 cooler

    In auto it should hover around the advertised 105W (mine goes to 120 if i throw benchmarks at it but depends on cooling - mine never goes above 65C). When i use handbrake it does 110w at 1.26v at 3950mhz 60 ish C). Yours CPU get 1.3v 150wat and stays below 3.9GHZ if I read the graphs correctly...
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    2700X high temps with ARO M14 cooler

    Hi i have a 2700x. do you keep it on Auto or did you enable PBO? In auto it should never come close 150W.
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    My complete howto explainations how to fix fake nvidia cards got removed

    What if the super-moderator is no better? Can then public action be taken?
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    Black Screen, GPU Fan 100% (changed thermal paste GPU and CPU)

    You should check your MB led error codes. Prob is a VGA error. Try another card if you have.
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    Clock Tuner for Ryzen (CTR) 2.0 Released, Supports "Zen 3" Ryzen 5000

    Will it ever support Ryzen 2000 series?
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    Seagate Giveaway: IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD

    I need the Seagate IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD because i am planning to build a raid 5 nas in the future?
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    What version of W10 do I really have?

    What version is the Windows Disk Image from the MS site?
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    MSI, ASUS Z590 Motherboard Lineup Surface; MSI Models up to €999, ASUS up to €1516

    Out with the Mortars in with the Torpedoes. MSI marketing full steam ahead
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    Asus Prime B450 M-A latest bios update...update or not?

    It is nice to see that AMD did not drop previous generations support - it realized it would only bring more scrutiny - having supported a socket for 4 generations is commendable - we will probably not see this in the future
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    Intel Announces Its Next Generation Memory and Storage Products

    Yeah Intel has sold NAND business but i believe still retained the Octane brand. There will prob not be a 670P.