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    Share your AIDA 64 cache and memory benchmark here

    Can't get my hands on Ryzen 5000 series
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    Incorrect memory speed detection 6900 XT with newest driver

    I updated my AMD driver to the latest version (Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.3.2 Optional - 3/29/2021) And now GPU-Z shows memory speed at 0 MHz and bandwidth as unknown. Reverting back to older driver fixes the issue
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    The RX 6000 series Owners' Club

    Thanks to my bro, I finally got this gem. It constantly boosts to 2500Mhz and that's not listed anywhere, not sure if that's normal. Temp,etc are all fine when it is boosting.
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    AMD GPU gamers only - your opinion on AMD drivers?

    Never had problems with AMD drivers on my Vega 64, no glitches, problems or crashes - but ReLive or video recording was always a problem. Sometimes recording works, most often doesn't. Switching from h264/avc to h264/hevc doesn't help. Sometimes recording shows that its working, only to end up...
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    Is recording with Navi different from Vega?

    Hello I'm wondering if the quality and/or any other properties are different when a file is recorded with a Navi (5500/5700) and Vega 56/64 - when using ReLive Based on specs I see that Navi uses Video Core Next and Vega uses VCE. I can't seem to find a lot of info on AMD's video recording...
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    Windows OS advice please....

    8537063289 X18-92334-01 X18-08791 WIN 8.1 32-BIT/64-BIT ENGLISH DVD SKU-WN7-00578
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    Windows OS advice please....

    I had a copy of 8.1 Retail ("Full version") This was not an upgrade or an OEM copy. Just regular retail copy. I am not sure if 8 (not 8.1) ever had a "full version"
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    GPU-Z Sometimes blue, sometimes red

    This may be the stupidest post ever, but... sometimes when I launch GPU-Z, the sensor data is red and sometimes its blue. I've tried this with various versions, and only 2.13.0 and 2.14.0 seem to show blue? Would be kinda neat to have Blue = Intel (U)HD / Red = AMD / Green = Nvidia or custom...
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    More Cores ... Justifications getting Ridiculous

    I like that "mainstream" desktop got more cores because this way I can build a system for video rendering and video gaming without having to get a HEDT platform. But the average/regular user probably has no use for more than 4-6 cores. Still, its nice to have options.
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    PCIe discrepancy?

    Click the question mark next to the Bus Interface thing. To save energy or whatever the mode may be switched. Start the render test and see if it changes. My Vega says 1.1 if its idling and 3.0 if its being used.
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    I need more SC perf. out of my 1600X

    I wouldn't focus on SC performance in 2018, but problem being I'm now required to run certain old programs that aren't multithreaded. I never cared about benchmarks. I didn't think that I'd need SC performance in 2018 when I bought the 1600X, I was surprised tbh. Clocked to 3.990, this is all...
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    I need more SC perf. out of my 1600X

    Hey guys. As the title says, I need to get more single core performance out of my Ryzen 1600X The expensive, and atm impossible option would be to get an Intel mobo plus a CPU like 8086k which can SC boost to 5GHz. But I'm very short on $$ right now so best I can do is overclock my 1600X...
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    New MicroATX AMD build

    Sounds like a great build. Like DtG said, make sure the memory is on the QVL. Its picky like that
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    Playing games from SSD in USB3.0 enclosure?

    It will work fine. I have a relatively small SSD 256GB in my PC and got an extra 850 EVO lying around - I've stuck it into a USB3.0 enclosure and all games run fine. On a direct SATAIII connection the SSD thats now external hits ~500MB/s On my terrible enclosure with USB3.0 it hits about...
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    Vega owners club

    Hey guys, finally got my hands on a Vega 64. Just one question, TPU database says GPU clock is supposed to be 1200 (1590 Boost) but mine is 1630Mhz and I haven't changed anything. Its brand new and sealed. Is it supposed to be like that?