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    I made a bong cooler today

    well done mate, look good
  2. j.col70

    [WTB][EU] Fan for HD 5850 or 3rd party cooler

    hi. i have a reference Sapphire HD 5850 and i need a replacement fan, as the noise is driving me mad. anyone got a spare reference fan or anything else that will fit? a fan from a hd5870 and hd4870 will also fit. or a broken HD5850 so i can cannablise the fan? also it seems a Arctic...
  3. j.col70

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    evening all talking about TIM, i like using MX-4, nice and easy to spread, but i recently got a free tube if IC-Diamond 24 and imo its slightly better, but not worth the price. regarding fags, i gave up in November, 30 a day habit or £10 a day:eek: the price to smoke (or have a pint) is...
  4. j.col70

    Can I install extra VRM heat sinks?

    if you have the vrams covered already with heat sinks, then the leftover ones, just leave them in the box, i would not stick them on something they are not designed for
  5. j.col70

    Whats the best overclocking utility for Windows?

    msi afterburner and/or amd gpu clock tool
  6. j.col70

    Programs used to test stability

    or you can try Intel Burn test but you need to run it properly before running, open task manager and see the amount of free ram. for example i have 2550mb free ram so in IBT i enter a custom amount of 2500. (just below the free amount) then i change the threads from auto to 4 (quad...
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    lol, i sounded like my father, :eek:
  8. j.col70

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    nice one :) just be carefull she does not become a mother again :p
  9. j.col70

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    it must be catching, my mrs. is the same :p i ended up being dragged out to a restaurant :( why would anyone want to go to a packed restaurant on mothers day, it was heaving and the service was crap. rant over i did enjoy the pub we went to after though ;) got a banging headache now
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Hi Scaminatrix, you could always have a little word in thier shell like ;)
  11. j.col70

    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    that is tough, go to their parents and demand compensation. evening all edit. hi razeron, i bought that Q6600 off you a few months back, its still going strong, have it at 3.3ghz, well happy :-)
  12. j.col70

    Help for a fellow gamer

    the petition is now at 38892 signatures. would reallt like it to reach 50000. here is an interview with gareth http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/02/11/interview-dead-space-2-disability-campaigner-gareth-garratt/
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    too right DrPepper if she doesnt ask then its her problem, ;) i am showing my age here, but the driving test is way harder these days then when i had to take mine. so well done NdMk2o1o for passing :toast:
  14. j.col70

    Command rate?

    i am actually looking at this problem from the opposite side. i have 2 x 2gb geil blackdragons pc2-6400 5-5-5-18 but the CR is 1T. the mobo done this automatically. but why? ignore the geek benchmark result, the cpu-z memory timings and memset timings show the CR at 1T