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    Time Dilation - Help me understand

    From what I remember, it exactly comes down to the observer - thus, position is most relevant (hence "relativity"). From one point of view, time passes at one rate, from another viewpoint of the exact same event, time passes at a different rate. They are both correct in their individual...
  2. Jack Doph

    How to use a Nvidia card as Physx w/ATi

    I'm not into necrophilia, but I'm curious as to the current status quo: I recently scored a free 9800GTX & want to use it in conjunction with my HD5850 for F@H, so .. Can any of the above still be applied to the latest crop of drivers from either camp?
  3. Jack Doph

    Unigine Announces Valley GPU Benchmark

    I just saw your system specs, so.. I guess my lowly specs can't quite see what you're referring to :P Point taken though :)
  4. Jack Doph

    Unigine Announces Valley GPU Benchmark

    What do you mean? It runs a treat on default settings (1080p) on my lowly HD5850. I quite like this one and, as jmcslob already mentioned, seems far more pertinent than Heaven (even if that _is_ an awesome-looking stress tester). ^^
  5. Jack Doph

    GeForce GTX Titan 6 GB Listed by Danish Store

    Surely you jest, but OK. It's your opinion; I simply cannot share it.
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    Bass Ackwards, Need to build CPU with raw cpu power (not for gaming)

    The speed of the HDD is damn near irrelevant to the OP. Honestly, a good amount of RAM (with low latency at a decent speed) is *FAR* more important. Unless the HDD in question is a 'green' 5400RPM drive, all the above suggestions are utterly useless. 16GB @ 1866MHz & CAS 10 or 9, coupled...
  7. Jack Doph

    Bass Ackwards, Need to build CPU with raw cpu power (not for gaming)

    I use Sonar X1 (Producer Edition) & I have more than 30GB of Soundfonts & VSTis - I have yet to do anything (audio-wise) that even comes close to making my system break out in a sweat. More than a 2600K/2700K is just a waste of money really. ^ this. I found 1866MHz to be the sweet spot & more...
  8. Jack Doph

    AMD Catalyst Application Profiles 12.2 CAP 1 Up For Grabs

    I'm presuming that AMD has *no* 12.2 drivers then?
  9. Jack Doph

    Hd 5850 CF or Not ?

    I've got my 5950s in Xfire and have experienced nary an issue. In my books, go for it I say :) Or .. save up & get a 7970, pay through the nose & get slightly better performance ;)
  10. Jack Doph

    Anno 2070's Draconian DRM: Guru3D's Graphics Card Review Killed Off

    Query.. Q.. with all due respect Sir, I cannot find anything you refer to in regards to Ubisoft's online support being as difficult as you state. In fact, all my searches have revealed everything easy to use (complete with tutorials on how to use Tech Support), perfectly fine in English, as...
  11. Jack Doph

    EVGA SR-X Dual-Socket LGA 2011 Motherboard Seen at CES

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD7Fr6xoCls :)
  12. Jack Doph

    Thermaltake Toughpower XT Whitewashed, Too

    Meh. Tt "top-end" is most other brands' "entry-level". Colour scheme is good though, for sure :)
  13. Jack Doph

    ASUS Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire

    CCC & GPU-Z XD However, if I launch more than one tab in my browser, or a second GPU-Z, this goes up a tad. The annoying thing is that whenever I try do do a screen-grab, card #2 kicks-in :/ Without any useful independent hardware tools, how else can I measure this accurately? CCC only goes...
  14. Jack Doph

    ASUS Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire

    Well, the only difference I find is that the fan on card 2 does not turn off (ever), but this may be due to my ambient temps never going below 25C (and is currently at 35C - we had 40C+ today btw). Everything else is at 0% Power usage measured is less than 1w (which I have to presume as being...