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    A Tale of broken laptops, trades, and epic wins :D

    Think I have a screen for that, PM me if your in the states...............
  2. jaggerwild

    AMD Confirms: Ryzen 9 3950X and Threadripper 3rd Generation Coming in November

    Wasn't August the original date? wow three more months(opps 2)September 21 now).
  3. jaggerwild

    Ryzen 3950X Build Help

    Told ya, you aint getting a 3950K anytime soon........................the 3900K is the price of a 3950K(if you can get them).
  4. jaggerwild

    Hotglue a AIO onto a GPU

    They make contact adhesive for Thermal interface material, not sure who makes it but I have some I bought before. Only down side is it is Very hard to remove the block once it is set in place.
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    So my 6700k is under-performing because of this?

    Use the eraser just like an eraser to "CLEAN" the PADS, show me side to side. Also use it to clean contacts on memory sticks the same way, Rub it left then right............
  6. jaggerwild

    So my 6700k is under-performing because of this?

    clean the pads with 90% Alcohol, then use an eraser to remove anything that is left behind. That looks like residue on the pads, like seepage from a chemical. What Thermal material are you using? Put it on something that isn't vibrating, but not on the ground or you'll have an extra vacuum cleaner.
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    If Noctua had made a GPU Cooler...

    I love it, them fans aint cheap either, props for the effort and the step up. "Necessity is the mother of all invention" , you sir stepped it up!!!! I thought for sure I was gonna see a CPU cooler strapped to a GPU.....That gives me an ideal for my Chiller on a GPU(EVIL GRIN!) :D
  8. jaggerwild

    Whats wrong with my P4C800 delux motherboard?

    Board memory has to be on the compatibility list from Gigabyte, also all sticks need to match same size, same amount. I'm suprised it boots considering it looks like broken traces underneath it.
  9. jaggerwild

    Which games haven't you finished yet?

    "No Life Sky" it should be called, If you got nothing to do and a lot of money to do it with. Then this game is for you!!!!
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    OtherSide Entertainment Releases Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of System Shock 3

    How do you feel about Tom Clancy's "The Division" ? Division2?
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    The Big Useful List Of Free Useful Programs To Use Usually For Free

    A good link to MANY FREE programs "majorgeeks.com" https://www.majorgeeks.com/
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    Rare GPUs / Unreleased GPUs

    Some 7900 GTX love
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    Very confusing to see the CPU cooler(get interested), then find out it was sold..........GPU is gone too, UGH!
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    [FF] Resident Evil 2 Steam Code

    Congrats, who eva got it! :clap:
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    Intel Sourgrapes AMD's Creator Performance Leadership with Laughably Dubious Data

    Intel has never HAD to market there products, ever! Intel doesn't advertise, least not like AMD does. Intel has a HELLA a lot of money, I did get a good laugh with these slides!!!!! (I am taking an AMD side here) as Intel Advertising is woe fully hurting, this seems like some guy was forced to...