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    Sometimes I slip and get stuck in my own wires...

    I wanted to add for the OP, they make extra long cables(USB)/extenders. While not cheap they will help remove the issue of tripping and no batteries to change...... You can then route them around and away from the side you use to move in and out of the desk. Im a lefty so I always go left side...
  2. jaggerwild

    System Specs Feature Poll

    I LOLZED! If a person has more then one system usually they are a little more a custom to trouble shooting, frankly I can't even recall all the hardware I have(on hand)but that's just me.
  3. jaggerwild

    Some people accuse TPU of 'bias' towards Nvidia.

    I have no doubt Ngreedia will bounce back after the $1,200.00 RTX debockle. Probably a new gpu at around $900.00 lolz
  4. jaggerwild

    Too old to enjoy hardcore gaming anymore? :(

    The times dictate work, with little time for me or games. Just got a vanilla 1080 havent had time to enjoy it. Except in no mans sky. And that game wants too much time to even enjoy it so i dont go near it. I have been enjoying Black Mesa... Well back to work. Ugh!!!!
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    Used Hardware Purchaser’s Club

    Yeah We already have a for sale section, which is monitored and has rules that need to be followed. Most use paypal and a feedback system...
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    GPU-Z and my card..

    Turn of V sync?
  7. jaggerwild

    How Linus Tech Tips has massively improved over the last decade

    Anybody can do what he does, he has subscribers he makes money...............
  8. jaggerwild

    DeepCool Rolls Out the MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB Case in Silver

    Im stuck with a case, the cooling is the worst. the front doesn't work,, just an all around bad design. If i had the time, Id try to fixx it but I don't. Even the filters don't work, ugh sorry!
  9. jaggerwild

    DeepCool Rolls Out the MATREXX 55 ADD-RGB Case in Silver

    I had the black version, the controller melted on me. They sent me a new one same damn results. Its plastic junk!!!!
  10. jaggerwild

    AMD Radeon VII 3D Mark, Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks Surface - Beats and Loses to RTX 2080

    Ill buy it simply to support a second gpu option, if you dont have a $1200 Ngreedia then you need to stop flaming a new site... .
  11. jaggerwild

    Intel Prepares a Mammoth $11 Billion Investment in Israel

    Or your just cheap or you follow the croud. Where i work we make clean room pumps, Ive seen many frames heading to Isreal over the past nine months. And some E zeniths.
  12. jaggerwild

    Will You Be Buying Radeon VII ?

    I voted yes, for no other reason but i still save money after buying a 1080 and this card. Also to support AMD
  13. jaggerwild

    Issue with old 775 Socket rig

    Gigabyte made an awesome p45 in the X48 board but i think the price would be sky high if u could find one
  14. jaggerwild

    Cooler-less GPU

    You could bolt a single phase change to it flash rhe bios higher, n away youd go...