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    One hell of a headache

    Do the Second GPU work alone?
  2. jaggerwild

    Flashing Radeon RX 5700 with RX 5700 XT BIOS: Guide & Performance

    "DUAL EVO OC"(don't look for that in the bios name)Dual means 2 bios on the same card, evo OC Smmh who knows its factory clocked. This link is for an Asus 5700 XT https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/218394/asus-rx5700xt-8192-200210 Link to chioces of bios VV...
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    What are you playing?

    Keep sending in your money, I'm sure you got pull 64K!
  4. jaggerwild

    What are you playing?

    Dude, nobody is gonna read your books NOBODY! Turn it down a few paragraphs........
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    The train is leaving the station!!

    Opps, got me. Go stroke yer GPU now......................
  6. jaggerwild

    The train is leaving the station!!

    that's funny as it beats a 2080 TI but not a 2070Ti, also its in VR test lolz! Yawn..................:kookoo:
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    How do you justify a CPU upgrade?

    If I have the funds extra? Can I use or sell the old one, is it worth buying.
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    Data Recovery (Damaged MBR/Partition Table)

    Just Use UbuntU, down load it then make a sart up disc with it. Then boot off it, then you can see all files on main drive(no expense).
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    OFFICIAL No Man's Sky (Discussion)

    How do I get a refund? I'd like to sell it to get a refund as Its like the type of game I need to spend a life time on and its not my cup of tea.
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    New motherboard tested with 3 PSU: post only with one of them!

    OR Old unit with lowered rails, certain board will not with with certain PSU. This first happened with the X58 platform we saw this.
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    Dead motherboard?

    You mean the board will power on with the 24 pin and not the CPU pin plugged in? That is how you can tell if you have a bad Mosfit, if your jumping and it starts working with the PSU, then something else is amiss. Use a Multi meter and test the mosfit, google is your friend. You'll know which...
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    Is the need for PCIE 4.0 in Terms of Graphics Cards Really Several Years away?

    Intel owns server plat forums or did, so Intel isn't hurting Yet. They had the lead a long long time, with ogglez of money to spend. Intel is also the second highest selling GPU (lolz!) go figure, they don't even make a GPU(yet). a lil home work goes a long way...........
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    EVGA Formally Launches the SR-3 DARK Motherboard for Xeon W-3175X

    16 layer PCB, love the Sata connectors turned like that.
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    What PC specs were you rockin back in 2009?

    EVGA X58 Intel 3520 Xeon 2 X 4870 Raptors
  15. jaggerwild

    What is the bottom layer of the CPU die?

    The bottom layer of an Intel CPU is the contact pads...............:clap: