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    Antec Unveils Stunning Signature S10 Chassis

    It doesn't look bad. It just isn't new or interesting, and the interior is still behind other big cases. I really had hoped Antec would bring something great this time. The last Antec case that was interesting was the P1000 concept that they never made. :shadedshu:
  2. J

    Cooler Master Announces CM Storm QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard

    I have done it enough to want it disabled. In fact I rather bind the damn key to another. In RO2 for example I have. Ctrl - as crouch, Shift - sprint, Alt - prone and zxcvb are all used to. All the key on the left side are in use. So it can happen.
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    Mad Catz Announces S.T.R.I.K.E. 3 Professional Gaming Keyboard for Windows PC

    Very professional looking. :pimp:
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    Noctua Redoes Award-winning Fans in Black

    Now we never have to hear colour complaints again.... Until the world hates black.
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    Lian Li PC-V360 Finds Room for a Radiator Right Over The Motherboard

    Lets all give some credit to Necere http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1717132 Its a clever idea.
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    ASUS Announces its Mainline Z87 Classic Series, with a New Look

    Asrcok used gold tastefully, but this is just tacky.
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    ASRock Shows Off New Mini-ITX Gaming System

    I like this style case, Externally it looks nice to my. Though cooling looks rather poor.
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    Xigmatek Readies the Talon Mid-Tower Chassis

    want to push it over.
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    Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

    Nice to see a real change for once. That thing actually looks pretty nifty.
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    ASUS ROG GX1000 Laser Gaming Mouse Launched

    Not sure I like it.
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    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti World Cyber Games Edition Graphics Card

    Looked cool and air brushed (did not read) then I see its hand painted YUCK.
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    Old Technologies Like Optical Drives Were Holding Apple Back: Phil Schiller

    If they are going to let you use an external drive, they could at least update said overpriced drive to be bluray.
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    2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands 2 Now Available in North America

    If playing realistic looking games makes you feel mature, good for you. I on the other hand don't care, I find this lets me enjoy more things.
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    ECS X79R-AX Stealth Motherboard Pictured

    And this is why I like cars, You hardly ever see people complaining they ripped each other off.