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    Netgear Introduces New Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Optimized For Minimal Lag

    my guess would be no... depending on what ubiquiti you have. :)
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    Netgear Introduces New Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router Optimized For Minimal Lag

    i have a really old WNDR3700v2 that is still working perfect…. But but but..... not with Netgears crapy firmware but with DD-WRT... but my primary router R7800 is running with stock firmware and that sucks need to reboot min once a week otherwise the Wi-Fi is S...… (Super Nice HW (Dual core ARM...
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    Looking for a 5.25" temperature display over USB

    NICE..... I have Been looking for a solution like that, Apparently i need to read up on my google skills :) I have a Logitech G19 and it is grate but wanted to try a mechanical keyboard but i need A screen like that to replace the build in one on the G19... thanks for sharing :)
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    Apex Legends the Fastest Growing Battle Royale FPS, with 25 Million Players in Just a Week

    Is it Any good ??? :) BR would never be a success in BF V, a lot of users is using Wall hack and auto aim so it would die faster than BF V is.....
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    Half my memory slots suddenly not working right...

    GRATE to hear, i think i will speed up my move to a new case and hope for the same result :)
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    SuperMicro Gearing for Launch of New Gaming-Grade Motherboards With PCIe Gen4 and DDR5 Wave

    Why is the Picture of a Z170 board ???, but ok, but there is a test of the Z390 if someone is interested http://www.madshrimps.be/articles/article/1001123/#axzz5fIiHlBqK
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    Half my memory slots suddenly not working right...

    Maybe hold your horses on the X99 upgrade, i have the same issue on my Asus X99 Deluxe i have 4x4GB DDR-2400 and 2 of the slots (on one side) is Doing exactly the same a your board, so maybe X99 is not the best way to go Luckily I had 2x8gb lying around so now i am using them and has loosened my...
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    First time buying an highend computer + need opinions

    But the memory bump to 8GB is a needed thing if you want to use your Grays for something BF 5 GIGARAYS or NO GIGARAYS memory Usage :D
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    UK's Allocation of Radeon VII a Grand Total of 100-200 at Launch

    HE just want to sell his Cards and telling something like this will get people buying even though they only was 50% sure they wanted one.
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    Laptop CPU's, have we gone far since 2014 ?

    If you are using 100% CPU 60% of the time then it maybe would be worth upgrading, but if you don’t then NO.. And for what you are listing you will not notice the upgrade. As mentioned before the 10GB memory does not help the performance especially not the iGPU, so you could get a Little...
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    Official Intel KF/F pricing

    That is just stupid, so the only good thing about it is that there will be more CPU to buy so the prices maybe will be more normal... do not think so but it would be nice.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on Radeon VII: "Underwhelming (...) the Performance is Lousy"; "Freesync Doesn't Work"

    hmmm i think he look at that small die of the V2 "rocket" :D and see that if he Sells 1 2080 and AMD one V2 (radeon 7) they earn more than him and he is ANGRY about that :) i want the Money he says…. :)
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    What are you upgrading this holiday season?

    I voted nothing because i wasn’t planning to buy new computer stuff, but just received the H500p mesh i ordered, but i guess i don’t have to change my vote :)
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    NVIDIA DLSS Test in Final Fantasy XV

    So @4K lowering texture details and turning on motion blur will give me the same result……. :D I will defiantly skip the RTX Cards...….
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    Razer Wants to Mine Crypto on Your PC in Return for Loyalty Rewards

    Razer makes crappy products quality vise, my son has broken 2 mice’s and one Razer keyboard, and before them he had a plastic "gaming keyboard and mouse" from our local Supermarket that is still working well, and now he is using a used Logitech that is also working well and have done so for over...