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    Intel Scraps 10nm for Desktop, Brazen it Out with 14nm Skylake Till 2022?

    This Starts to smell like P4, with good performance though :D
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    NVIDIA Could Launch Next-Generation Ampere GPUs in 1H 2020

    My 1080TI is tiered of generating 4K Pictures sooo a Beefy 3080TI would be nice. I think/hope they will go with 50%+ more RT cores (i would like to see 100% but let's be realistic), maybe Skip the AI cores and then 50% Cuda Cores. Price, well it depends on the compatition soooo the Same ( i...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 to be Epic Games Store Exclusive for a Month

    exclusive on a one year old game… well.. no thanks
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    4770k weird issue

    a CPU under water cooling gets hot super quick when the pump is not running/working correctly.
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    Nvidia(2060,1660ti) vs AMD 5700 - Drivers reliability

    I changed my vote, i'm in the same situation, my son needs a new card and i was going for a 1660TI, but i ended up ordering a 2060 Super :) OP: Have you seen this ? https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/hows-your-navi-5700xt-5700-treating-you.258989/page-5#post-4125414 that is one of the...
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    ADATA XPG Launches SX8100 PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 SSD

    It is a Realteck Controller not SMI, and my guess is less DRAM than the SX8200, Side note: the S40G has less DRAM at lower speed that the SX8200 PRO, that's was why i ordered the PRO
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    [SSD] Look a picture, speak a statement

    what SSD's are you using?
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    Gears of war 5 wont launch, error code (-2015295486)

    Well........ that how it is every time..... sooo i'm not surprised, but have you tried launching the Xbox App and then open the game (i have seen that issue 2 times now it is a couple of years sins but maybe it is still a thing), and one time i had som regional settings on my windows that was...
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    Control Can Use Up to 18.5GB of Video Memory

    BF V @4k can use around 10 GB and thats without RTX and some settings on what the step under MAXIMUM is called... soooo...
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    GPU Upgrade to a 2016 rig

    No that Card and that CPU will go fine together :)
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    Is My final quiet PC build and Intel Logic Making sense?

    The 9th series K models could actually be better regarding cooling because of the soldered ihs but again the price has something to say as well :) but here a 9900 and 9900k is the same price sooo...
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    What is the GTX 1650 Laptop's CUDA core count?

    For me Nvidias HP says 896 for the 1650..
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.24.0 Released

    Aaa OK that makes sense, Thx for the Answer :) and Thx for a Great program :)
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    TechPowerUp GPU-Z v2.24.0 Released

    I wanted to try the super nice feature, so started GPU-Z on a PC with a card that i was 99.9.....% sure wasn't in the database, but i don't get the "GPU-Z doesn't know your card, please submit a validation" message GPU-Z is just blank no info in the boxes the PC is running W10 1809 (Fully...
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    DP cable for the new UltraWide 200hz 3440x1440 monitors?

    i'm 99% sure you are right My friend that has been waiting for these screen for 2 years told me that, if you are using HDR and 10Bit then 144Hz is Maximum. so 165hz @8bit sounds true