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  1. javaking

    Client/Server DVR Software?

    I'm not sure but Check out silcondust hdhomerun the one with two tuners.
  2. javaking

    Bottom Mounted PSU, fan facing Up or Down?Case is in carpet.

    I have mine on board.Cause the carpet will shed some of it fibers to the screen. Keep the screen clean.
  3. javaking

    $4.00 a month rental charge for their cable modem

    It does not matter that 3.0 is not in your area yet it's backwards compatible I have the 6120. Get it.
  4. javaking

    Radeon Evergreen Islands Club (HD 5xxx/6xxx/7xxx/8xxx)

    I'am in to with HD6870 XFX
  5. javaking

    Satellite decoding card?

    I meant BuyDVB.net
  6. javaking

    Satellite decoding card?

    check out BuyDVD.net to see if this is what you're looking for
  7. javaking

    Window 8 and Photoshop

    The mail said cs5 ,and what you are refering to is the cs6 beta remixcat.
  8. javaking

    8800GT dead? (I don't think it's the 8800GT now)

    or power supply could be dieing
  9. javaking

    4870x2 and DX11

    upgrade to 6870X2 on newegg
  10. javaking

    [FS] Evga gtx275

    If you still have not sold it by 02/01/12 I may be interested. Then I can try sli setup.
  11. javaking

    Webcam streaming/recoding/motion detect email notification software

    yea what athlonx2 said I was just on logitech website last night
  12. javaking

    Webcam streaming/recoding/motion detect email notification software

    Try logitech WiLife system it can do what you're asking.
  13. javaking

    Pc won't boot

    check battery
  14. javaking

    Fubared my mac.. not sure what to do

    check to see if the processor pulled loose and maybe you bent one of the pins
  15. javaking

    Bricked Motherboard GA-X58a-ud3r lfh

    What sneekypeet said also remove battery for a few second then reinsert