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    Bad fps(friends PC)

    probably just background program clutter. do the usual, start/run "msconfig" uncheck all the programs he dosen't need to be running all the time. run a spyware program like "adaware". run a virus scan. defrag. that usualy does it. why is 170FPS a problem? although I can see that an 80FPS...
  2. J

    Vista Using 5gb of ram??

    It's just being cached isn't it?
  3. J

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Released

    Using it now on Vista 64. Feels alot quicker. :)
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    America's Army 3

    You're a map whore like me :D http://aaotracker.com/usertracker.php?userid=192701 To Ford - It's always been on the Unreal Engine
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    Fear 2 Demo Out

    Plays great for me except for stuttering every now and then. Not sure why it does that. Demo is VERY short though, took me about 10-15 minutes, but graphics are great IMO and the atmostphere is amazing, very scary. Wear headphones for maximum effect :)
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    America's Army 3

    been playing since 1.5 (5 years ish) love the game, cant waity for the update. not run and gun like css, u have to think about it, which is why most gamers hate it :P
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    No drive found during boot-up

    id back everything up, hd could be on its way out though
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    How do i go back to XP

    stick disc in, reboot, set bios to start with CD 1st, reboot, format drive, install over vista :)
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    Q6600@stock bottlenecking 4870?

    Overclock it then and quit bitching about having "only" 200 fps, it's rediculous. Total waste of a thread. Why not come on here and start a thread about overclocking your quad or advice on how to improve your system instead of sounding like a spoilt child who says f**k every other word.
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    benchmarked my new 4870 against my old 8800gt and as my feelings told me it was worse

    Nah theres something wrong with it. My 4850 gets 12880 with my q6600 @ 2.7Mhz and graphics @ 700 & 1010. Only small overclocks as you can see, so you should be getting alot more than me.
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    All Time Favorite Game

    Uninstalls fine for me when I have to update it to next version. Great reason to hate a game cos it's "gay" lol. America's Army for me too. Great game, but a very steep learning curve, and thats why some people thinks it's "gay", because it's too hard for them ooo errr.
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    What was your first game?

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    when its playing a movie and only 1 core is running at about 5%, does it really use that much electricity? i thought it only uses alot of electricity when you put it under load. if you underclock it wont it just make the cpu work harder thus using the same amount of electricity. i don't know...
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    Top 5 Games of the Year

    1. America's Army (still haven't found anything in the last 5 years that beats the gameplay of this game for me. Graphically it sucks but new version 3.0 in the new year should sort that out) 2. Portal (most suprising game of the year for me, loved it. but not much game life to it) 3...
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    ASUS EAH4850 Issue

    i have the same card, and the cooler is great, keeps temps below 60 when running crysis. the stock cooler on the asus maybe the best there is, i wouldn't bother changing it. looks like u got a faulty card, but lets see what happens when u try it in a different pc first