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    AMD Announces Ryzen Threadripper PRO Series Workstation Processors

    Well intel hasn't show much mercy in the past. so its only fair that amd do unto them.
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    Cougar Intros DarkBlader X7 Mid-tower Case

    ya special yellow edition
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    British Lawmakers: "If a product looks like gambling and feels like gambling, it should be regulated"

    this can't happen soon enough every were. loot boxs are terrible
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    Antec Presents DP501 White Gaming Chassis

    at least its not named dark bladder
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    Cougar Unveils the DarkBlader Line of Full-tower Cases

    all that rgb? mabey all yellow leds :p
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    Intel Core i9-10980XE "Cascade Lake-X" Benchmarked

    LOL riding a boat on D-Nile
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    Intel files an Anti-trust Case Against SoftBank-owned Tech Firm

    Im not intels biggest fan, but i hope they crush em. they are big enough to.
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    XFX Launches the Radeon RX 5700 XT THICC III Ultra

    More fodder for GN
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    Intel Marketing Tries to Link Stability to Turbo Boost

    Ya know a lot of people do say that amd gpu's are good becuase they dont have a top end card to compete with nvida. seen it on enought forums so size does matter even if ya dont need it
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    AMD Could Release Next Generation EPYC CPUs with Four-Way SMT

    Dont feed the troll
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3500 to Lack SMT, Takes on Core i5-9400

    the supply of 2600's isn't going to last forever
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    BIOSTAR Formally Enables PCIe Gen 4 on its AMD 400-series Motherboards

    Ill just let every one test it out for several months.