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  1. J

    Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021

    Did they actually show it on the console or on a PC?
  2. J

    Device IDs of Intel's USB 4.0 Host Controller and Strategy to Phase Out Type-A Revealed

    None of Intel's TB3 controllers have USB 2.0/1.1 either (despite also being USB 3.x compatible). USB 3.x controllers need USB 2.0 controllers to get USB2.0, too. Usually, that comes from the southbridge or via a different controller (sometimes, a different controller on the same die). They are...
  3. J

    ASRock Introduces the DeskMini H470 & DeskMini X300

    I agree, the external PSU is extremely common across Windows mini PCs from OEMs. DIY cases like the Velka 3 are expensive, rely on FlexATX PSUs, and have this annoying "minimalism" streak, where that means "no front/side I/O." Also, speaking of I/O, this is the strangest product snub to AMD...
  4. J

    Coreboot Code Hints at Intel "Alder Lake" Core Configurations

    I have a tiny bit of interest in this for VM purposes. If it's cheaper than just 12-16 big cores from Intel or AMD. If the security problems can be largely resolved for the uarch. Since I can have all of the helper threads (I/O and host) sit on the small cores while the VMs feast on the large...
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    Microsoft Announces Overhauled Microsoft Store on Xbox

    Yes, you have such a great choice of digital stores on the Xbox One.
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    NVIDIA A100 Ampere GPU Benchmarked on MLPerf

    mlperf is largely open, so you can see for yourself what loads are being run, at least the reference implementations. https://mlperf.org/
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    ASUS Launches All-New ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425)

    Ah, for me, it's the Vaio S13 (predecessors of the Pro 13, with an extra Nvidia dGPU :D). Only ~10 hours of battery life (internal + slice battery), but it maintained that for almost 7 years before the display finally gave out :(. The current Vaios are a rather sad and pale comparison, against...
  8. J

    Intel Makes Changes to Technology Organization

    I don't know if scrappy attitude would even work for a company of this size. The last great realm was Andy Groves' extreme corporate paranoia. By the time leadership was granted to the first non-researcher/engineer (all of whom were also PhDs from respected engineering programs), Otellini in...
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    Intel to Detail Xe Graphics on August 13

    If it's even remotely approaching GTX 1050Ti performance, I'll be interested. Mostly because Intel's open source graphics drivers actually work on Linux, especially w.r.t. new GPUs and new features. Furthermore, some virtualization features that matter to me, such as GVT-G. Right now, I pass...
  10. J

    Intel 7nm CPUs Delayed by a Year, Alder Lake in 2H-2021, Other Commentary from Intel Management

    The problem with the 7nm delay is Aurora, IMO. Intel already got a reprieve once, if they screw it up again, do they finally lose the contract? Will AMD snatch all three Exaflop contracts in the US?
  11. J

    D-Link Announces Nuclias Connect Private Cloud Management Solution

    https://www.dlink.com/en/business/nuclias/nuclias-connect So it appears to be largely similar to the familiar Unifi products, the Connect Hub is somewhat like the Cloud Key and the AP is, well, an AP. That being said, the part about the licensing and scaling cost of the Hub is somewhat...
  12. J

    Cable Matters Launches Portable 4-Port USB-C and USB 3.1 Ethernet Switches

    This will be great for modern laptops that have... no RJ45 jacks. So they'll need USB Ethernet adaptors. :D
  13. J

    Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II Stars Selling

    Just as a curiosity, did you get one, or is it more of a long term goal? Professional "reviewers" are saying no, but not explicitly stating if they actually tested that out or are they just parroting Lenovo's spec sheet.
  14. J

    NVIDIA GeForce "Ampere" GPUs Built on Samsung 8nm Instead of TSMC 7nm?

    Are you sure about the 61MT/mm^2 figure? That would be pretty close to TSMC's claims for their 7nm HPC variant (66MT/mm^2, iirc; Ampere is at ~65MT/mm^2 and AMD Renoir is estimated at ~63MT/mm^2 as well). Of course, the real interest is in their electrical characteristics. Also: 8LPP is not...
  15. J

    Louqe and Noctua Present NH-L12 Special Edition CPU Cooler for the Ghost S1 Case

    Top mount has problems with balancing z-height clearance off of the motherboard and clearance from the sidepanel. By the latter, I don't mean absolute fit. As anyone who has done so can attest, running a fan right up against the side panel results in a LOT of noise. So where the fan and...