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    Sapphire Radeon RX 6950 XT Nitro+ Pure

    Yes sir, choose Custom setting, all options max out (Some don't go beyond high and some are at maximum) at 3840 x 2160 resolution. EDIT: GPU is not overclocked, power limited at 80% (Gigabyte RTX 3070 vision oc) but GPU memory is overclocked by 1000 MHZ.
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    Sapphire Radeon RX 6950 XT Nitro+ Pure

    I am confused - Your graph shows RTX 3070 in Elden ring doing 48 FPS average using best CPU at 4K however i am doing 60 FPS full max out using 3100X at 4.3 GHZ. What i am doing different or "wrong" to get such good performance ? PS: It never drops FPS, its always at 60. (May be my MSI...
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    Samsung Electronics Announces HDR10+ GAMING Standard Support for Its New Screens

    I own LG C10 as well Samsung QN90A, as far as blacks goes Samsung QN90A has achieved 90% of OLED pitch black. What you get from Samsung is 1500+ nits brightness which excellent when viewing HDR movies and no burn in risk whatsoever. I specifically use LG C10 as my drawing room TV and Samsung...
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    Samsung Electronics Announces HDR10+ GAMING Standard Support for Its New Screens

    As an owner of Samsung QN90A - i am excited.
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    Lightelligence's Optical Processor Outperforms GPUs by 100 Times in Some of The Hardest Math Problems

    I hope it does mining, so that people can leave the GPUs alone.
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    AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT Liquid Cooled Edition Now On Sale in Europe

    I made a custom water cooling solution using 120 MM AIO for my RTX 3070, it was not good enough (Would get as high as 80C if i played for more than 3 hours), i had to shift to 240 MM to get temps down to 59 C and i am talking about RTX 3070, RX 6900XT would need a lot more cooling.
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    UL Announces 3DMark SSD Storage Benchmark

    Ditto my thoughts, plus not to forget if the SSD is running on last legs or has a vulnerable hardware you risk your data and drive.
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    Chip Shortages Could Continue Well into 2022, Predicts NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

    By now everyone knows, they just want to keep the pricing high in the market. Its just out right sad that no government body is probing this scam.
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    AMD "Zen 3" 3D Vertical Cache Detailed Some More

    I bet CPU dies within 1 month. AMD don't know how to built a CPU.
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    Intel Core i9-12900K Allegedly Beats AMD Ryzen 9 5950X at Cinebench R20

    You are going to go all rampant when it happens isn't it ?
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    Prebuilts with AMD 4700S Desktop Kits Sell for $600 in India

    Calm down expert i just retired my GT 710 and went to RTX 3070. I know Dota 2, MW and CS GO works like charm if you dial down a bit on graphic, also with FSR Dota 2 is now playable full HD at ultra settings on GT 710 DDR 5. EDIT: Incase of any doubts i can post picture of GT 710 and RTX 3070...
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    Prebuilts with AMD 4700S Desktop Kits Sell for $600 in India

    It literally says best for office applications, starter gamer gaming machine (example - NFS MW, DOTA 2, Counter strike etc. ) and Dual monitor machine for stock market. Its not marketed towards us.
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    XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme DDR4-5000 MHz CL19 2x8 GB

    This RAM needs a lot of tweaking, probably would blow the doors off once tweaked to run at 4000 MHZ with tight timings.
  14. jigar2speed

    GALAX GeForce RTX 3090 Hall Of Fame (HOF) Edition GPU Benched with Custom 1000 W vBIOS

    What kind of tin foil hats are you guys wearing i wonder. Everything is conspiracy for you people. Are you telling me 6800XT. 6900XT & PS5 are unreliable - their clock base speed is almost 2300 MHZ, heck apart from PS5 all the RDNA2 GPUs boost above 2300MHZ+ in normal usecases. And i would...
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    Passively Cooled RTX 3080 PC Comes With A Few Compromises

    With Coil whine plus reaching 87C ? Hard pass