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    You Can Now Create a Digital Clone of Yourself with Eternity.AC, an AI Startup Paving a Path to Immortality

    Come back again, when you can make my conscious immortal. This is just a farce.
  2. jigar2speed

    What would you buy?

    These are all bad deals, a 3070Ti at $399 would be excellent.
  3. jigar2speed

    HIFIMAN HE1000 Stealth Open-Back Headphones

    Premium wired headphones with 32 Impedance ? Pass.
  4. jigar2speed

    Rambus to Demo 64G PCIe 6.0 PHY and Controller IP at PCI-SIG Developers Conference

    Rambus has stop being a patent troll ?
  5. jigar2speed

    ASMedia's Delayed USB4 Host Controller is Nearly Here

    NAS comes to mind, that can use the bandwidth.
  6. jigar2speed

    UK Competition Regulator Reinforces Restrictions on Microsoft and Activision Blizzard

    Cash grab scheme of UK CMA is getting exposed.
  7. jigar2speed

    Bandai Namco Declares 20.5 Million Elden Ring Unit Sales

    Me too, I beat Melina in the second try but i might have died atleast 100 times in last 2 months and still can't figure out how to beat it. Too much range attack for my style imo, he keeps safe distance and i am unable to learn his attack pattern.
  8. jigar2speed

    US Government Targeting Crypto Miners With Proposed Energy Bill Tax

    How about -10% tax to people who have solar panel, they are assisting in maintaining grid power right ?
  9. jigar2speed

    AMD Ryzen 7000X3D Processors Prone to Physical Damage with Voltage-assisted Overclocking, Motherboard Vendors Rush BIOS Updates with Voltage Limiters

    Gica, you okay there little buddy ? You keep insisting its AMD's fault where as everyone knows AMD has blocked OCing on X3D chips. If motherboard makers are bypassing recommended protocols, its on motherboard makers and not on AMD. What is so difficult to understand ? Please explain.
  10. jigar2speed

    AMD Plays the VRAM Card Against NVIDIA

    Did you even see the chart ?
  11. jigar2speed

    Epic Games Shows Unreal Engine 5.2 Demo

    That's because developers wants to sell their games to everyone and not just highend PC owners.
  12. jigar2speed

    System Shock Remake Suffers Another Delay, Shifted from March to May 2023

    Short delay is fine, please provide a finished and polished game.
  13. jigar2speed

    AMD Software Adrenalin 23.1.2 for RX 7900 Series Third Straight Exclusive Driver, No New Driver for RX 6000 Series Since 48 Days

    Nvidia isn't much better my RTX 3070 still have driver issues with Chrome hardware acceleration and FH5 crashing and rainbow textures.