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    No PC Version of GTA V At Launch: Rockstar

    Should not they make first the PC version with kick ass graphics, than convert it down to Consoles? It is like from good picture possible to make good down-converted picture, but making good picture from crap is impossible. Why do not they also count, today laptops are equipped with minimum...
  2. JKnows

    Doom 3 HD pack+ RELEASED!!

    So can I install this mod for BFG version? And How could I run timedemo benchmark to see which version is faster on computer.
  3. JKnows

    AMD Catalyst 12.11 Performance Analysis

    SuperB testing, this is what I like to read ;). May I suggest for 3DMark11 would better to see P scores because these FPS numbers ain't means anything for me.
  4. JKnows

    Dell Debuts Stunning Additions to XPS Brand

    Dell, you have so many craps, but where are your Trinity laptops?
  5. JKnows

    Windows 8 Release Preview Out Later Today: Redacted Blog Post

    Bastard Microsoft why cannot say exact time for availability? I have been wasting all of my day for waiting to click download link:banghead::banghead::banghead:.
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    Arctic Debuts the MC101 Series Home Entertainment Centers

    Excellent:respect:. Where to preorder?
  7. JKnows

    AMD Trinity APU Launch Confirmed for May

    Whatever will be the CPU performance, I can wait few more seconds to decompress something. 35W TDP is great with strong graphics, hope to see in more expensive laptops as well, not only in the crappy ones.
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    OCZ Releases Firmware Enhancement for Vertex 4 SSDs and Intros 64 GB Model

    Good, I gonna buy the 64GB version, might the 128GB if no big difference in price. Any tests on Sata II connector?
  9. JKnows

    AMD A10-4600M Performance Revealed in Infographic

    Man, Ivy Bridge cannot even race with Llano, and Trinity will eat for breakfast: Here
  10. JKnows

    1366 x 768 Most Popular Screen Resolution, Overtakes 1024 x 768: StatCounter

    The sad thing we buy because laptops do not have other option. I hate 1366x768 resolution.
  11. JKnows

    AMD Rolls Out Catalyst 12.3 Driver

    new driver for windows 8?
  12. JKnows

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    Dear W1zzard, You are really doing great tests, the performance summary and for overall awesome. My only concern is the 3DMark11 tests. It would be much better to see the points in default performance mod, because these FPS numbers means me nothing. I cannot compare with my and other systems.
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    AMD A10-5800K "Trinity" APU Tested

    Do you mean: system with Llano was with 64-bit OS system with Trinity was with 32-bit OS ?? That is cool, adding 64bit OS to Trinity we can see more 3DMark points and even more points using Windows 8. (Trinity optimized for Windows 8).
  14. JKnows

    AMD A10-5800K "Trinity" APU Tested

    Super PI says 8GB Ram, just 3DMark did not recognized it correctly. By the way it looks very fast, surly faster than Ivy Bridge.
  15. JKnows

    HP Slips Out Info of Upcoming Ivy Bridge and Trinity-Powered Notebooks

    Why Trinity has the cheapest case?