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Mar 14, 2009
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Internet Heaven
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, from Internet Heaven

I'll take a ribeye May 25, 2017 at 1:54 AM

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May 28, 2017 at 2:07 AM
    1. jmcslob
      I'll take a ribeye
    2. jmcslob
      I've been well Busy/relaxed...
      Thank you and Happy New year to You and Family as well
    3. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      happy new year young man
      sorry it's a bit late but that's me for ya :laugh:
      been realy busy lately with alsorts
      anyways i hope ya get ya head sorted (sounded bad on the other forum:eek:)
      anyway cheers for now ;)
    4. wolf
      Any Nvidia 8 series or higher will work, as long as it has 16sp's so like anything newer or better than an 8500GT i think, you just need to have it running a monitor or use a rigged dummy dongle on it.
    5. sneekypeet
      its all good for now, as it was sorta called for, just try not to make a habbit of it;)
    6. sneekypeet
      Please dont call members assholes via the public mesage system, even if they are spammers.
    7. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      :laugh: shame my air vent fans don't stop them coming in as i had 1 huge mofo in the other week scared the heck out o me ,i'll have to find some spiderproof grills some time.
      i've just about finished the pc, pics are over here 18th post onwards:)
    8. jmcslob
      it's quite funny you mentioned spiders the last time I cleaned my case i found the remains of what looked like a rather large wood spider LOL The 120mm Silenx fans made short work of em
    9. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      good good glad to here it,

      think so not sure, but i didn't seem to be able to get many games to work without a bsod, only time will tell, got to test a few games but it's looking good.

      got some serious cleanin up to do (would put a picture here but then i'd cry):laugh: also got to start on me retreat, not much to do on it, just block of some air vents (to stop the spiders gettin in :D) then i can call the cable company to put my internet in there
    10. jmcslob
      Pretty good, it was a psu problem?
    11. dr emulator (madmax)
      dr emulator (madmax)
      hi i've been offline for a few just got pc working monday night ,actually got 3d mark 2005 to run without crashing ,with my new corsair hx 650w
      came with a 7 year warranty very expensive though but i'm happy with it
      hows things?
    12. grunt_408
      I lol'd @ that image man
    13. t77snapshot
      I just read your sig and I think it's awesome to promote the idea! In CS:S my spray logo is the TPU title:)
    14. jmcslob
      looks like we may be getting an Official TPU Steam group...I hope..for members only
    15. grunt_408
      Online BF2, TF2, CODWAW, GTAIV and GRID just at the moments. Cheers
    16. wolf
      Online I play TF2/L4D and halo 3 (ODST) the most, but have played many many more online, whats the issue your having dewd?
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    Processor: Intel I5-3570/AMD A-10 7850k
    Motherboard: MSI Z77A-G45/Gigabyte FM2+
    Cooling: Arctic Freezer i11/Scythe Katana 3
    Memory: Kingston 1600mhz/G.Skill 2400mhz
    Video Card(s): R9-280/ Integrated APU
    Hard Disk(s): 2 Sandisk Extreme SSD in RAID0/256gb Crucial SSD
    Optical Drive: none...pointless
    LCD/CRT Model: 47" LG TV 1080p/55" Vizio M-SERIES 4k UHD
    Case: Silverstone GD09/ Rosewill FBM-01
    Sound Card: Reaktek 7.1/same
    Power Supply: Corsair CX600m/Thermaltake 430w
    Mouse: E-3lue Tazer
    Keyboard: Razer Deatstalker
    Software: Windows 10Pro x64/ Windows 10pro x64
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