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    PS 3 Query

    I think you should get MGS4, its about 10-12 hours long your first time through if you rush, if your all about stealth and not being seen, its longer. Multiplayer is awesome too. Uncharted 2 is amazing in every way seriously best looking game i've yet to see on any console. This games is about...
  2. joinmeindeath417

    New Bad Company 2 Footage!

    This game (beta) is awesome so far. i really really like it
  3. joinmeindeath417

    The PS3 Clubhouse

    Ya don't need great looks when your as bad ass as Kratos, and well...a god
  4. joinmeindeath417

    The PS3 Clubhouse

    Heres a great article about Uncharted 2. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/104/1044396p1.html i seriously can't stop playing this game, it's amazing and seriously not even kidding and no need for fanboy slander. THE best console game graphically.
  5. joinmeindeath417

    The PS3 Clubhouse

    Yes its great man, love playing it and my girlfriend enjoys it so its like i win in both fields
  6. joinmeindeath417

    New Bad Company 2 Footage!

    Been playing the Beta for about 2 hours <3 call of what...modern what...
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    New Bad Company 2 Footage!

    Can't wait to actually be able to land an airstrike and take out people camping in bulidings (something i hate about COD series)
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    Nintendo Wii clubhouse

    i actually don't like it as much as i liked super mario 64. controls can get somewhat annoying at times.
  9. joinmeindeath417

    I just toasted my 1 day old 4770.

    Amen to that!:rockout:
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    Call of duty MMO

    It's a little too soon for April Fools no?
  11. joinmeindeath417

    Good/Cheap Nvidia card for Physx on Ati system.

    i used a 8800gts just to see the difference of 3dmark vantage, and the CPU score doubled hah..
  12. joinmeindeath417

    4890 Running Hot

    I'd have to say yes. Have you over clocked it before?
  13. joinmeindeath417

    4890 Running Hot

    Hm i have the same Card, and mine idles at about 48C overclocked to 930MHz core and 1100MHz memory. Hows ventilation in your case?
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    Did You Spend A Lot on Video Games This Year?

    i've spent a ridiculous amount of money this year on video games. Over 1000 dollars i am sure of. Hell this week alone i've spent 60$ Assassins Creed II 60$ L4D2 60$ Modern Warefare 2 50$ Resident evil darkside chronicles ____ 230$
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    MW2 most hilarious kill

    Pretty awesome. I grew up playing quake and Unreal Tournament. so bunny hopping and really fast speed was always in the works, i don't really think the rocket kills were all that skilled because its' so easy to get a kill with a rocket launcher. Now the plasma rifle has some nice kills...