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    EVGA Unveils the SuperNOVA G5 Series Power Supplies

    Yes. Because before today, EVGA G Series PSUs were the only sensible choice. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :slap:
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    A Reprieve: Select PC Hardware Exempt of Tariffs on Chinese Imports to the US

    That is a completely different kind of situation. Current tariffs only impact U.S. prices. Prices didn't go up globally. The market is too much of a commodity market with too much competition; especially from companies OUTSIDE of the U.S. They won't because AFAIK, Seasonic doesn't make any...
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    A Reprieve: Select PC Hardware Exempt of Tariffs on Chinese Imports to the US

    Umm... No. Have you guys not been following the tariff situation? You think companies are going to raise retail prices due to tariffs then keep them up when there's a reprieve? Tariffs were added to prices in the U.S. Prices in the U.S. went up. Now there's a repieve and you guys think...
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    A Reprieve: Select PC Hardware Exempt of Tariffs on Chinese Imports to the US

    Read the document: https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2019-20442.pdf "Power supplies suitable for physical incorporation into automatic data processing (ADP) machines or units thereof of heading 8471, each with a power output exceeding 500 W, measuring 148mm in...
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    Power Matters with EVGA PowerLink - Clean up your Power and System!

    Probably an EVGA "W" Series. :D
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    EVGA Unveils the SuperNOVA G5 Series Power Supplies

    So are FSP's.
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    Corsair VS Series 650 W

    Yep. Then the Americas got jealous, so there was the VS400, 500 and 600. Then those other emerging markets "emerged" and started complaining about the old VS, so Corsair upgraded it to this new VS. You're talking about the original Vengeance which is based on the CX-M. The new Vengeance is...
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    ADATA Enters the PSU Market with XPG Core Reactor Series

    Article says fluid dynamic bearing.
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    Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Appears to Have a Serious Design Flaw

    "TechPowerUp staff member Crmaris depended on this MacBook Pro to see him through the rigors of TechPowerUp's CES 2019 coverage, which includes image editing and video rendering on the move, which requires the serious CPU and GPU power on tap with this particular MacBook Pro variant." Why would...
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    jonnyguru down?

    Actually, all of the reviews Jeremy wrote have already been posted. Tazz has the equipment and a stock pile of review units to start cranking out reviews. But first he has to get the server migration and move to Wordpress done. The old site used php-Nuke, which is dated. Wordpress is current...
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    jonnyguru down?

    That's not true at all. There are a number of reviews in the pipeline, but all this switch over to another server and changing over to Wordpress is top priority.
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    jonnyguru down?

    As you guys may already know I'm not very involved with the site outside of responding in the forums. But there has been some discussion about moving the server to a different provider and as far as I know we may be just seeing the transition from the DNS.
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    Mistel Intros Vision MX Series Fanless PSUs with RGB LED Lighting

    Pretty naive statement. LOL! Agreed. Or even a fan with a constant, but very low, RPM.
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    FTC Gives Manufacturers 30 Days to Remove Warranty Void Stickers

    This actually has more to do with desktops, laptops, consoles, etc. and allowing users to open them up to replace RAM, HDD, etc. and not so much opening a PSU to replace a fuse or fan. If the FTC thinks it should apply to ALL warranty void labels (and I don't think they do) they're mistaken as...
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    EVGA Caught Sending Golden Samples of the SuperNova B3 to JonnyGuru

    Not... True..... Blind ignorance is truly bliss. You must have missed who was responding to this thread. Otherwise, you would not have assumed I don't know what I'm talking about. I know that has an air of arrogance to it, but for Christ's sake there's just as many assumptions made by...