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    [WTB] GPU Water block for 4850

    Universal vga blocks anyone?
  2. J

    [WTB] GPU Water block for 4850

    Looking for just that, a water block that will fit a ref design 4850. Nothing fancy, just can't seem to find any anywhere, except microcenter, who has one, and is more than an hour from me. Not looking for full coverage, but I would not complain. I am hoping one of you guys or gals has a block...
  3. J

    memory which slot? help?!

    Rtm! Open up your manual for the board, should tell you the acceptable RAM configurations. Too slow...
  4. J

    My Western Digital RMA Status situation!

    Unless you did an advanced rma, they need the defective drive before they ship a new/refurb back to you. iirc, you need a credit card for advanced rma, so if you used one when filling out your forms, you most likely submitted an advanced rma, in which case, call WD to see what is happening...
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    help me find a file, pls

    1. go here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=mp-49137-1&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3301296&os=228 I know you don't have an officejet, but this package (for lack of a better term) rapes the hell out of your hp drivers, which are notoriously crappy. 2. Run...
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    What are your top five games?

    Final Fantasy Series (2,3,5,7, Tactics) TES IV: Oblivion Starcraft COD: MW (1/2) Halo 2 All of these have stolen countless hours of my life away.
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    Pc freezing and locking - What Should I Do...

    Memtest (not sure if bc2 is eating into memory space other games don't touch), also check event log (Run... -> eventvwr) for system log errors.
  8. J

    Weird Problem with Western Digital HDD

    check jumpers on all devices on that channel, also check the hdd mode in bios. I saw this with two ide devices on the same channel with the jumpers messed up. Both devices names were essentially random characters. Use master/slave jumper settings, not cs.
  9. J

    I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP

    You may want to think about running hdd diag on it too, should be in the bios in most hp notebooks. Just let it run overnight and see the good (or bad) news in the am.
  10. J

    Biostar Tpower i45 Will not detect hard drive

    Have you reset bios to fail safe defaults?
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    Desktop Won't Turn on

    stand-offs are the little extensions of the screw holes that lift the motherboard off the metal tray of the case. And to short the pins, just take a paper clip, use the U-bend in it to make a connection between both pins on the motherboard that your power button plugs onto.
  12. J

    Desktop Won't Turn on

    Standoffs under the motherboard? Also, try shorting the power button pins with a paperclip and see if that works.
  13. J

    Bad RAM or bad mobo?

    Just found out my answer. BSOD and now a second bad stick. Gonna have to pack up this POS board and send it back.