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    Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

    OK, then I'll invest in BTC and ETH, I bought some bitcoins before, 0.00500669, I spent 50 euros when BTC was approximately 10000 USD, now I'm waiting for the bitcoin price to fall below 3500 USD, and Ethereum below 150 USD.
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    Which classic games are you playing?

    My favourite classic games Driver Motocross Madness 1 Motocross Madness 2 Need For Speed 5 Porsche Unleashed
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    Laravel migration

    Using template from creative-tim.com, i made web application, embedding PHP, Javascript code into template, I want to migrate code to Laravel. Do I need to start from scratch, or maybe to migrate existing code, part by part?
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    Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

    Some advice about Bitcoin Cash? What do you think about it, I intend to buy some BCH.