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    Intel 11th Gen "Rocket Lake" Pricing Already Going Down on Amazon

    I have to get a new PC - as Graphics cards cannot be bought at sane prices I will probably buy the 11500 what is the cheapest of the 11 series with the better IGP - UHD 750. AMD has better CPUs but a lot more expensive and has no IGP. (IGP - CPU integrated GPU)
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    Huawei to Enter Silicon Manufacturing Business without US Technologies

    There won't be a 'hot' war. No one can fight (and survive) a war with a bomb owner country. Not even a war with North Korea - and she is tiny compared to China. Wars are restricted to Hollywood movies. :) However the economic and technology impact is real.
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    Huawei to Enter Silicon Manufacturing Business without US Technologies

    The steps against Huawei have accelerated Chinese IT developments. China has her own money transfer systems - what was seen as strategically important by the government. However anything else was not - China could have used US IT tech for a few decades longer. Now China will develop her own IT...
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    Microsoft's Windows 7 Reaches End-Of-Life

    My issues with Win10: - Garbage software auto install - can be turned off - still a thing. - Start button and menu is crap - I've learned not to use it at all. Not really needed just short cut everything important to desktop. - Still cannot remember num lock setting of the keyboard and latest...
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    Microsoft Unveils Project Silica, a Durable Silica Glass-based Optical Storage Media

    This technology will come down to mainstream and everyone will be buying it is it is that useful. I would buy it immediately once it is available for a reasonable amount of money. Today I use multiple HDDs to store my family pictures and videos. They need to be maintained as HDDs eventually...
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    Intel Reports Third-Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    There were multiple news about that AMD cannot manufacture enough hardware. As AMD does not have any own manufacturing capability, AMD is a lot less flexible as intel if demand is much higher as expected. intel has its own manufacturing but intel too has manufacturing volume issues. Both...
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    Intel and Wargaming Join Forces to Deliver Ray Tracing to World of Tanks

    intel has helped WG already with enabling full multi CPU use in the graphics engine. The result was significantly better graphics on my PC however now I have to clean the CPU cooler every 6 months otherwise the CPU will overheat. WoT is the only game or program what overheats my CPU (if cooler...
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    TSMC Extends 16 nm Lead Time, Possibly Because the Fab is Swamped

    16 nm should be significantly more expensive as 7 nm. The footprint of an IC is larger and that is the primary cost factor. One of the reason for smaller stepping is to cut the costs. For example intel is still on 14 nm. If you want to follow the big picture you should actually watch intel's...
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    Intel's 14nm Chip Shortage Continues

    I have never seen a paper lunch before, this is the first time in the the history of men. :-)
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    HP Printers Try to Send Data Back to HP

    Facebook cannot track a person who is not a Facebook user. Facebook can track an IP address in this case. Same is valid for google. If you use a browser with no cookies enabled google cannot track either. However I use google account because I want google to know how I am. That way search...
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    HP Printers Try to Send Data Back to HP

    Well, if you install most games on your phone/tablet the game will only start if you allow access to your contact(phone) list and pictures. Why does a game need access to your contact list and pictures? :) The printer driver will scan all your document printed and scanned and _can_ forward...
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    AMD Reports Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results

    Something is wrong here. They should have not lost revenue YTY. AMD has better product portfolio YTY and generally improved in every respect and still was not able to improve revenue. The whole thing just doesn't make sense. Possibly 1 year ago the mining was still strong and that pushed AMDs...
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    U.S. Dept of Commerce Gives Huawei a 90-day Waiver to Wrap Up its Affairs

    Somebody just realised that he shoot himself in the foot. I hope there will be some kind of an agreement. For example Huawei pulling out of 5G export and in return this ban is canned for good.
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    U.S. Tech Industry, Including Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm, Ban Huawei

    This is a strong step kicking Huawei. Might even bankrupt them. Strategically this is a very bad move. Chinese companies will not buy US technology parts and software as soon as they can develop anything what works instead. As China is the largest economy on the planet this move will kick US...
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    NVIDIA GTX 1650 Lacks Turing NVENC Encoder, Packs Volta's Multimedia Engine

    AMD Relive has excellent graphics and terrible sound. Unusable. It does not have volume setting. It is a joke actually. No one is using it (I know of) for youtube recordings or live streaming. AMD relive is no intended for use - it is a tech demo nothing more.