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  • hell bro its soo good to be honest I'm a very fucked up person like no social skills and I am very errrm eccentric you know ... but they deal with me and if I do something they got my back but I really love my internship and I hope they hire me in full time, how about you Jr?
    Did she do anything that would wear her out? Also, does she need to be up for anything? (besides making you breakfast)
    I haven't done anything beyond eat and then mess around on my pc (from my bed) for the 15 hours that i've been awake. In any case, my irregular sleep pattern isn't by choice :(
    I don't really post much here now that GN has it's own forum lol. I didn't even know PP got banned, what was it for?
    Being unemployed with no bills to pay yields about the same income as being employed with lots of bills to pay :laugh:

    The vacation was discussed once here, and then once more upon my return in GN, here. I missed pretty much everybody btw :p
    I know exactly what you mean. I'm becoming well-versed in the art of being unemployed.
    Great bro just working my butt off and trying to find a new video card mine has a few compasitors that look like there going to pop on me.
    ah nice :D
    i've orderd windows 7 update version, i save £100 for being a student!
    whats your new build? iv been trying to save money...to build up a new rig but it is hard to save money as a student :(
    Haha yeah, it has been a loooong time :D
    Busy with uni and crap lol....and ermmm gaming haha

    how ya been :D

    add me to steam
    I can't remember if you use it or not...hmmm ^_^
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