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    First Socket FM2 APUs Spotted in Russian Store

    Dual or quad is in the argument. The cpu is holding the gpu due to the fact that it's dual. If they took the same igp and used it in a quad it is stronger. If you want to compare it right though then dual vs dual would be llano a4. Trinity a6 not equal to llano a6.
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    Transformers Fall of Cybertron

    Anyone have this and plays on PC or Xbox? I'm going to be purchasing this for the PC.
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    Samsung, Apple... and YOU

    There you go. Let me go patent that so I can claim royalties :laugh: Seriously I'm going to make a stracraft 2 custom map about this. Shoot mindless i Slaves before they try to devour your mind and turn you into one lol.
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    Samsung, Apple... and YOU

    Sigh I doubt we'll see the gov. get involved and break apple up like they did microsoft. Watch the next few years as tech grows stagnant and the I slaves roam about like zombies :shadedshu. I should make a game called Day I.
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    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    We should have a book consisting of Dayz stories. They are hilarious to read at work.
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    MSI Twin Frozr III AMD 7950 3GB on sale Amazon 309.99 until July 31. Link inside.

    HMM so people on newegg saying there's is full shaders are just bsing.
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    MSI Twin Frozr III AMD 7950 3GB on sale Amazon 309.99 until July 31. Link inside.

    Any idea if they are unlockable since it 7970 board?
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    Samsung Arms Series 5 with AMD Trinity APUs

    Any reviews how that a6 performs? I rather have the a10 in the 13" form factor.
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    HP Pavilion dv6 Gets AMD Trinity APU

    Nice but they really need sub 14" models. These would be very potent gaming machines.
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    VIZIO Thin+Light Series Premium PCs Launched

    These would've been so much better if they went with AMD and knocked 200 off the price. All the models retail at $898 according to other sites without discrete graphics option. A a10-4600m in these for $698 would pwn.
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    AMD Trinity Reviews

    According to anandtech review they say Trinity is behind 20-25% so how far was bulldozer behind?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4 GB

    AMD will beat it. Hardocp has 7970 cfx in that review and numbers aren't far off in games with amd at stock clocks. Just need to clock it higher stock and maybe use 12.4 drivers.
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    What's your XFX 7950 DD temps

    Just curious as I've seen some reviews about this card say theirs had too much thermal paste on the gpu. I've ran stable at 1110/1675@1.2v but my temps are out of control. I have to run the fans at 100% to keep it borderline or low 80s. Anything more and I get coil whine :cry:
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    AMD Releases the Catalyst 12.4 WHQL Driver

    Sounds like issue with interfering hardware or software. Regardless, good bye! Sell me your card for dirt cheap.
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    Team Katana Japan Sets 3DMark 11 Extreme Record with 1747/7884 MHz @ 1.895V HD 7970

    If you posted that a day or two ago yes but now you're just flat out wrong. :shadedshu