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    G.SKILL Trident Z5 Breaks DDR5-8704 World Record with ASUS ROG Z690 Apex

    I would get a DDR4 board but the only ITX board with TB4 and a decent amount of I/O is the Strix Z690-I so now I need to somehow find a DDR5 kit. Noctua's motherboard compatibility and Corsair's memory compatibility websites list a Strix Z690-I D4 with DDR4 support but it doesn't seem to exist yet.
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    G.SKILL Trident Z5 Breaks DDR5-8704 World Record with ASUS ROG Z690 Apex

    I found these too. https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1764194/g-punt-skill-trident-z5-f5-7000u4040c16gx2-tz5k.html
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    HDR Peak Brightness !

    Use custom resolution utility, open the CTA-861 extension block and look for an HDR Static Metadata block. If there isn't one then your monitor isn't telling Windows through EDID what the max/avg/min luminance is in which case it will default to 1499 nits. You can actually add metadata manually...
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    Far Cry 6 Benchmark Test & Performance

    I hit 100% total cpu usage all the time in BF5 multiplayer with a 5.2GHz 9900K when running a mix of high and ultra settings to get 180-200fps. Even 8 cores isn't enough for everything.
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    Two-pass radiator ( inlet/outlet - mistake )

    VSG has test data for this on their 560GTR review at thermalbench. At 700RPM push/pull dropped temps on a 560GTX by 2.4C with 650w system power draw. Will be a more exaggerated difference if you have more heat load/less rad space.
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    Asetek Unveils Premium Performance Invicta Sim Racing Pedals

    Tire slippage happens at both the front and rear. Understeer is still front tire slip. Good simulation of tire slippage helps you identify when you've exceeded your limits and teaches you how to regain control when it happens. We're talking about simracing where it's safe to go to the limit and...
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    Asetek Unveils Premium Performance Invicta Sim Racing Pedals

    Assetto Corsa is a bit old but it has very good physics simulation especially for when the tires are slipping and can be modded to look very impressive. The major problem is it doesn't really have enough cars or tracks, but there are a lot of community made car/track mods that can make up for...
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    Thrustmaster Announces T248 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

    There are cars with paddle actuated sequential gearboxes that require a clutch to get going from a standstill. Also useful for clutch kicking in drifting and rallying. Manual shifters can be purchased separately and are really only necessary for immersion, they're not necessary to get started...
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    Thrustmaster Announces T248 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

    That's only the wheelbase. You get no steering wheel or pedals with that. By the time you add their cheapest steering wheel and pedals w/clutch you're paying $670, or $800 if you add the more powerful power brick for the wheelbase. Thrustmaster is a terrible company though. My Thrustmaster TX...
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    Seagate Launching Mass Market 20 TB PMR HDDs in The Coming Months

    There was a couple years where their consumer models had high failure rates. I saw 50 out of 50 HP desktops at my previous workplace with Seagate 1TB drives ready to fail after only 2 years of use. On the other hand I have 14 x 8TB Seagate enterprise drives in RAID 10 that have been running...
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    COLORFUL Launches Limited Edition GeForce RTX 3090 KUDAN Graphics Card

    OK, now slap that cooler on a reasonably priced card. Would love to put something like that in an sff case
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    Radeon RX 6900 XT Overclocked to 3321MHz, Breaks FireStrike World Record

    Only the XTXH has a clock gen that goes past 3GHz
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    Samsung Updating Odyssey G9 Premium Gaming Monitor - MiniLED Technology, First DisplayHDR 2000 Certification?

    Yeah the original G9 was displayhdr 1000 certified but it had a measly 2500:1 contrast ratio that got worse when you enabled local dimming. Really good hdr lcd displays have higher than 10000:1 contrast ratio. This is an enormous upgrade from the 12 dimming zones of the original. With 2048...
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 465.89 Game Ready Drivers: Resizable BAR Finally Here

    Using the Windows 10 insider build with Auto HDR this driver works for a few minutes then bsods and on a reboot almost every game complains about no dx9/10/11/12 support or just crash to desktop. Another pc with the same cpu and gpu there's no problems.
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    Alphacool Unveils the Eisblock Aurora Acetal GPX-A Water Block for AMD Big Navi

    There's a reason why thermal conductivity is measured in W/mK. Thinner block makes for better thermal conductivity. It's better than EKWB who made the RTX 3080/3090 FE blocks thicker and twice as expensive. You don't get acetal because you want to show it off, you get it so it doesn't crack...