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    Enermax Shows MaxTytan Series of 80+ TitaniumPSUs With Integrated Power Meter

    They make Good psus. Im still having two Enermax NoiseTaker 2 with 465watts.
  2. JunkBear

    Question for the crunchers - Monthly Cost

    For Québec ... http://www.hydroquebec.com/residential/customer-space/account-and-billing/understanding-bill/residential-rates/rate-d.html
  3. JunkBear

    Question for the crunchers - Monthly Cost

    You can crunch with any rigs i guess but better processor is better processing. What about GPU dors it matter when screen is Closed? Where Do i download the things?
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    G.SKILL Memory Breaks DDR4 5.5 GHz World Record Barrier

    Can I Do it with Kingston Valueram?
  5. JunkBear

    Linus Has Some Things to Say about Core i9 and X299

    Oh Man Im so happy to not have that Power craving. Im still rocking my Dell Inspiron 640m laptop and the rig under my avatar.
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    Son of Concorde News

    We Do have à Starfighter in my hometown. Its mounted on concrète stale like its taking off at high speed and high angle to reach the stars. After Starfighters were removed of circulation Canada bought one back from Germany and was installed there.
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    Stratolaunch....the biggest aeroplane ever built.

    Two french Concord that they fixes the nose and cutter the tip. Then proceed to make à P-38 with it
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    Best 2.5-inch hard drive for storage and gaming?

    Instead of talking for nothing I made research. https://www.amazon.ca/Seagate-Firecuda-2-5-Inch-Internal-ST1000LX015/dp/B01LWRTRZU
  9. JunkBear

    Best 2.5-inch hard drive for storage and gaming?

    The Firecuda has 128megs cache and is considered hybride in memory.
  10. JunkBear

    Russia successfully tests 'unstoppable' 4,600mph hypersonic weapon

    Man it must really pisses off the USA. They expense billions to deploy anti-missiles systems around the world and suddenly they are rendered useless by this weapon. Did they finally created a weapon stronger than Chuck Norris!?
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    Intel pulling all the stops? 18-core X-series CPU coming?

    Can it play Diablo 2 at full specs?
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    Seiki Blu-ray player any good?

    If you dont mind ordering older blueray but new stock I would suggest LG BD-550 or BD-551. Its only YouTube, Picasa and Accuweather inside. YouTube doesnt work anymore but the weather yes and Picasa i guess so bécause they belongs to Google. Its à larger model but slim and you have à front usb...
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    Seiki Blu-ray player any good?

    What country are you from? Usually I suggest older blurays because they have a code to make it international and they are not filled with softwares like Netflix, Youzu and many other channels stuff thats gonna become useless when thé dvd maker and the software like it happened in Sony with...
  14. JunkBear

    Does this happen often?

    175$ for no name mobo. What cou try Do you live?