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    ASUS Intros ROG Strix XG17AHP Portable Gaming Monitor: Now with a Tripod Stand

    These portable "gaming" monitors seem to come in laptop display panel sizes, making them pointless in my opinion. If I were to buy one for gaming, I'd want something that is visibly larger then my laptop's built in display - 20 or 22". I guess the 17" model is good for multi monitor setups, but...
  2. kanecvr

    Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Available Now on Steam and Origin

    same here. Although I swore I'd never preorder a game again (especially an EA title), I jumped on it when ti was confirmed that they brought Petroglyph in and that it will be community driven. Love the game, worth every penny.
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    Intel Core i7-10700K

    Where? I had a quick look on my favorite local e-talier and from what I see, x570 and z490 boards cost the same. Source: https://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-de-baza/filtre/general-chipset-z490/ and https://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-de-baza/filtre/general-chipset-x570/ As for h470 and b460..... they are...
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    GIGABYTE AMD B550 Motherboard Pricing Revealed

    Don't know about the Aorus Pro, but I got two Aorus B450M for me and my brother in law and they are great.
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    AMD "Sienna Cichlid" Could be "Big Navi"

    I disagree. Enthusiast gpu prices are ludicrous and it's all amd's fault for not competing in that segment. The only card I'd consider buying right now is the 5700xt (for it's price/performance) and it's not a very exciting card.
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    Half Life: Alyx - The VR "Killer App" That Likely Wasn't

    Ever since I first tried a VR headset (a few years ago) I decided to get one, and I've been waiting for the prices to go down. And I'm still waiting. I checked the prices on headsets after reading this article. The cheapest one I can get in my country is the ocuclus rift S and it costs 814$. The...
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    ASUS Announces the Use of Liquid Metal Thermal Compound in its 2020 ROG Laptops

    Far be it for me to defend Asus, but aren't they one of the first manufacturer (if not the first) to make an AMD Ryzen equipped laptop even before AMD released mobile ryzen?
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    Intel Marketing Claims i5-9600KF Better than 3800X, i3-9350KF Better than 3600X

    What stability and driver issues are you talking about? I have 3 ryzen machine (1st gen itx, 2nd gen atx and a 3rd ryzen laptop) and all of them run flawlesly. I'm not even using top of the line parts - the itx system runs an asrock x370 board yes, but the atx machine uses a B450 gigabyte board...
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    Japanese DIY Market Goes Big on Ryzen: 68.6% Market Share for AMD

    "Despite the upperhand with pricing, performance, and efficiency, the company isn't able to match Intel in design-wins. Intel is able to retain its stranglehold over the OEM space with volume pricing and prioritizing the OEM channel over the DIY retail channel. " It's pentium 4 vs Athlon 64...
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    MSI MAX AM4 Boards Real: 32MB BIOS ROMs and Ryzen 3000 Out-of-the-Box Support

    I disagree. My B450 mortar is bricked (unknown UEFI or EEPROM issue), and I can't fix it because the EEPROM chip is soldered... I'll have to buy a special clip for my programmer so I can re-flash it w/o desoldering. In the mean time I've been using a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M, and I love it. Better...
  11. kanecvr

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Yup. I get 81C with the Noctula NH-D14 but I noticed my motherboard applies an all core boost of 4.8 GHz under load. I'm using a borrowed Asus z370 rog strix. The lowest it will go is 78C using my Thermaright "Le Grande Macho", but if I bump it up to 5GHz it breaks 85C even with that monstrosity...
  12. kanecvr

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Wait - I'm confused - how the **** did you manage to get 57C under load on a 9900k when my sample can't keep itself under 78? And that's cooled by a Thermalright Le grande Macho with two 140mm fans in push-pull configuration... Testing with a Nocua NH-14D temps go up another 2 degrees.... did...
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    Alleged ASUS AMD X570 Motherboard Price-list Paints a Horror Story

    We're talking about Asus here. Overpriced has been their middle name for a good few years now. I'll probably be going with whichever manufacturer provides a good quality vrm setup, decent bios and good price/performance ratio. That means Asrock, Biostar or Gigabyte.
  14. kanecvr

    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 50th Anniversary Edition Pictured Up Close: Signed by Lisa Su

    This is not a CPU for your average consumer - it's designed for hardware collectors, and as a collector myself, I'm interested in one - not in using it mind you, but in having it sit in one of my display cases alongside my 8086k.
  15. kanecvr

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Specifications and Price Revealed

    You fixed nothing - why would I compare it to the 3gb model? I'm comparing it to the 6Gb model with 1280 shaders. As for the memory bus is says right there in the article - 128 bit memory interface - how is that not crippled? Have you tried comparing the filtrate of a 1050ti vs the one on a 1060...