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    Is 72C in GPU Hot Spot high for 1660 Super mining?

    I'm assuming when I said ambient they were thinking of air temperature - which is understandable if you don't quite understand English 100% or aren't quite so knowledgeable about specific terms in the computer/hardware circles. For a layman ambient temperature usually refers to outside air...
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    Is 72C in GPU Hot Spot high for 1660 Super mining?

    That's quite a normal ambient temp, so either the card has a pretty bad cooling setup requiring a lot of fan speed to compensate, you haven't set a proper power limit (which in your screenshot it seems you have, so rule this out), or your airflow sucks. Is this in a frame or in a normal chassis...
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    Is 72C in GPU Hot Spot high for 1660 Super mining?

    Nah, I wouldn't pay much attention to hotspot temps anyway. There's always going to be a discrepency between hotspot and average of about 15-20C under load, 57C is perfectly normal for average temps under load. That being said, 57C with 82% fan is a bit toasty. What's your ambient temp?
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    Intel CEO on NVIDIA CPUs: They Are Responding to Us

    Don't Flatter Yourself, Intel.
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    What's the primary resolution/refresh rate you're gaming at (2021)?

    LG CX48, so 3840x2160 @ 120Hz, but I've set a custom res of 3840x1620@120Hz since I prefer 21:9 and it gives me a bit of a boost in FPS in games compared to full 4K.
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    Network Shared Folder Configuration

    1) Yes, all that is needed is the IP. To access the files all that would be needed is to type \\IP\ into the file explorer and you'd get right in. Most IP scanning tools even show Windows shares automatically if it finds them, so even if an attacker wasn't aware of there being any shares all it...
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    i7 3rd generation faster than Ryzen9 3900x?

    Does this guy not understand the very basics of electricity? What kills a CPU is high wattage over time, obviously. Wattage is voltage x current (Watt's Law). Higher voltage, higher wattage, but equally, lower current, lower wattage. So If you double voltage but halve the current, the wattage...
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    Enable SLI with Two geforce GT730

    You don't win points for diplomacy but you did say exactly what we all were thinking, Toothless :P
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    Enable SLI with Two geforce GT730

    I'll wait. Not every day you get to see people perform literal miracles. BTW; the guy in the video has his i7 pegged at like 20% max. The GT 730 is the bottleneck, as you can see by the constant 99% usage. So the CPU isn't relevant. Even if it was; the 8700 is a relatively modern high-end gaming...
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    Enable SLI with Two geforce GT730

    I agree the game is fun. All I'm saying is, it's a decently demanding game and 1080p Ultra is not achieveable with a playable framerate on a GT 730. That's absurd. Here is a video with someone playing with a GT 730 on Low settings at 60% resolution scaling and they barely scrape by 30 FPS, which...
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    Enable SLI with Two geforce GT730

    Framerate: 17 FPS That is not playable.
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    Rtx2060 super making clicking sound, but not from fans

    Something's vibrating ever so slightly and resonating throughout the card. Like Tatty_One says it's a result of the PSU delivering power in a certain way that causes resonating in the card, and could be solved with a new PSU.
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    EK Launches Active Backplate For Zotac Trinity RTX 3080/3090

    It's not that simple. GDDR6X runs bloody hot. Having it fixed means making a new memory chip. With the massive shortage already for G6X, there is no way NVIDIA or Micron would be willing to scrap all their work and start from scratch to make a new memory chip. Unless you're mining, this isn't an...
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    ASRocks marketing team has lost their marbles...

    That is eBay-$5-item level marketing jargon. Wow, that is hilariously bad.
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    Phoenix Miner Compromised?

    Nicehash isn't a scam. They just suck at PR and the founder (djezo) is an actual lunatic (I don't use words like that lightly) who really shouldn't be with the company. So while I wouldn't trust NH now, I have done so in the past and have gotten paid very fairly for my mining. So if this whole...