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    Radeon HD77xx/78xx/79xx BIOS Editor

    After yet more pissing about with my 7950 Vapor-X I can say with 100% certainty that the vBIOS for it has been intentionally crippled, at least for Vapor-X 7950s that have 2x 8+8 pin connections. Here are the results: 7950 Vapor-X vBIOS 15.25.99: 1100MHz @ 1.15v, 1425MHz 1.5v vmem...
  2. Ketxxx

    How To: Curb excessive VRM temps under full GPU load on Sapphire Vapor-X 7950s

    Given the atrocious VRM cooling on the Sapphire Vapor-X cards I figured I would put together a how-to on how you can bring the VRMs under control. The process requires patience and a moderate amount of skill but not anything terribly difficult. A understanding of thermodynamics would also be...
  3. Ketxxx

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2 GB

    I said "likely" because obviously I don't know if you periodically re-run tests with updated drivers to keep results more accurate or not, nor do you specify. I'm not psychic nor do I own a crystal ball. I simply pointed out a reminder to people they should bare in mind the 7950 results are...
  4. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    That 2500k had AS Ceramique sitting between it and the cooler, so yes, it was good TIM. I dunno, I pop IHS' for fun, serve as technician and direct line to Asrock if anyone gets issues with their asrock mainboard, make custom VRM heatsinks and a multitude of other things and you thought I...
  5. Ketxxx

    Keep 1155 or go 1150?

    Unless your going to use the extra SATA ports and other features, theres little to no point of switching to 1150 its not like you are going to see a noticeable performance increase.
  6. Ketxxx

    Nvidia 7 Series Doesn't Support DirectX 11.2

    Pretty much. I don't get why some people get / got all in a uproar over DX10.1 and DX11.1/.2 and their GPU "only" supports DX10/11.... just doesn't seem worth the time of getting in a uproar to me for something like that.
  7. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    If by "he" you mean me, my personal (and only actual death of a CPU) was my 2500k. The voltages run through that were never extreme, about 1.38v for 4.5GHz. Its all good speculating, but you could of just asked :p
  8. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    I have run all of my CPUs in a well ventilated NZXT Apollo using either a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus or a CoolIT ECO unit. Cooling has not been the issue here at all - purely related to the TIM used under the IHS. As for my friends, they don't even OC just buy decent grade gear and I've still...
  9. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    1. Just because something carries the word "official" it doesn't make it true. I wasn't (and still aren't) talking about which platform gives you the most performance, I covered that. I am talking about which platforms is the most technologically advanced, again thats Z77 and Z87, not skt 2011...
  10. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    1. See my other post, I say right there even way back in the Athlon XP days the difference between unlocked and locked was only about £20. 2. I'm not talking about power consumption directly (though if I recall due to the flow of electrons a small but noticeable increase in power can be...
  11. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    1. lol? You think skt 2011 is the best? Have you even looked at how old the technology of 2011 is? Aside from extra cores and triple channel memory 2011 does not technologically offer anything superior. Having the latest means having a system that incorporates as many of the latest technologies...
  12. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    All of this is answered in my other post really but; 1. As I said, if intel is going to charge a £44 premium for a K CPU they better damn well give you something for it (a CPU that simply skips the laser cutting step far and away doesn't equate to a £44 premium). 2. If a component gets...
  13. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    Yes it does matter. As a enthusiast you pay a premium price (which the K series is) in order to get the best. If intel doesn't want to re-tool for the K series they shouldn't charge a premium for it. To illustrate that premium, a K series 3570 CPU is £214, a regular 3570 CPU is £170, for £44...
  14. Ketxxx

    My 4770k delid video (IHS removal)

    BS. The "K" series of CPUs was introduced by intel FOR enthusiasts, meaning the use of TIM instead of solder is inexcusable. Joe average isn't going to buy a i5 or i7 K series CPU, hes happy with whatever i3 came in his pre-built £400 or less PC / laptop. Completely nonsensical response for a...
  15. Ketxxx

    Editorial Windows 8.1, and Why You Should Let Go of Windows 7

    How people can still argue if the removal (yes it was a removal) of the start menu is a good or bad thing the mind simply boggles. To a extent (I'm unsure of how far MS will go), MS have totally backtracked and am themselves putting the start menu back in with Windows 8.1, so there is your...