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    ASRock X570 Taichi

    MSI has cheap model X-570 A PRO with chipset fan stopping below certain temperature (they did not mentioned at which temp) with user selectable fan speed-temp curve. Any chance Techpowerup reviewing their new mobos to see how they are dealing with this issue ?
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    ASRock X570 Taichi

    What about chipset fan running at almost 6000 rpm decided to fail after unpredictable time of usage ? Another tech website already complaining about noise of same mobo.
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    EVGA NU Audio Sound Card

    Hi Inle, thanks for the review, İ have Asus essence stx2 card and i am planning to purchase Adam A7X active speaker and connect it to asus with unbalanced rca cables. Assuming you did same with Evga and Adam A7x during the listening test, Did you experience any noise,hiss or similar unpleasant...
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    ASRock Announces Z390 Taichi, Z390 Taichi Ultimate Motherboards

    If you use both m2 slots, you will be left with only 4 active sata port. Such a stupid limitation from Intel for hi-end motherboard like taichi.
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    Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti G1 Gaming 4 GB

    Thanks for the review. What i understood (beacuse it was not mentioned in the review), front face plate is not removable for easy cleaning and fans are not replaceable. If its true ,its very bad.Because these were the two most annoying problems i ve had with my last two graphic card...