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    AMD Declares That The Era of 4GB Graphics Cards is Over

    This, i mean in witcher 3 on ultra settings @ 2560x1080p it barely touches 3 GB of VRAM on 2060 super? so if 1650 or 1660 level cards have 8 GB.... i mean whats the point other than increasing the cost to end user?
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    September Unveil Makes Big Navi, Not Next-Gen Consoles, AMD's RDNA2 Debutante

    Well in my region atleast it was official with RX 480 launch, but with Navi series no official quote was given .....
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    September Unveil Makes Big Navi, Not Next-Gen Consoles, AMD's RDNA2 Debutante

    If they under cut Nvidia will be good, but in lot of other Regions other than U.S.A, they tend to overshoot , for example when RX480 launched it's reference model was priced even higher than 1060 6GB MSI Gaming X. same was for 5600/5700 series with reference models being priced higher than...
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    September Unveil Makes Big Navi, Not Next-Gen Consoles, AMD's RDNA2 Debutante

    "Big Navi is a halo product." He goes on to state that "enthusiasts love to buy the best, and we are certainly working on giving them the best." TLDR : Will be priced as high as Nvidia or a tad higher.
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    ADATA Intros XPG Core Reactor PSU Series

    Nailed it.
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    GIGABYTE Debuts its EAGLE Graphics Card Brand with GTX 1650 GDDR6

    who else read the name "Eagle" in Dr.Dorian's voice.......
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    DeepCool Unveils GAMMAXX GT ARGB CPU Cooler

    Actually CM tends to be overpriced in lot of regions especially in Asia, when compared to Deepcool, and if you compare the installation of original Hyper 212 and Deepcool gamaxx 400 Deepcool was strides ahead. Not saying it's not a copy, but they are priced better with few improvements of their own.
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    Custom AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT Spotted from Gigabyte and ASRock

    Dont worry they will only put one copper heat pipe in that triple fan. Telling you form experience.
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    AMD CPUs Dominate Amazon Top Sellers List in US, UK and Germany

    Dude just log in to : primeabgb (Mumbai) mdcomputers (Kolkata) vedantcomputers (Kolkata) theitdepot (Chennai) they have the latest and greatest within few weeks of launch, i personally prefer Vedantcomputers due to no gateway payment charges (2%) when paying by card.
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    Antec at Computex 2019: Neptune ARGB CPU Liquid Coolers, Signature Series PSUs, Katana ARGB DDR4 Memory Modules

    Actually Antec provieds support through the Retailers who sell their product, if you have a issue with the product its best to contact the store from where you purchased the product. Edit : contacting them directly is useless.
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    AMD Launches Ryzen 9 3900 and Ryzen 5 3500X Processors

    umm every other major site has 3500x pegged as 6 core/6 threads? So can someone clarify, or is TPU the only one right?
  12. killferd

    AMD Ryzen 5 3500 to Lack SMT, Takes on Core i5-9400

    I kinda laughed too hard on this LMAO, but true.
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    Gearbox Reveals Minimum, Recommended Specs for Borderlands 3

    Well it is Epic store exclusive and, this limits the customer choice, also atleast for me another downside is payment is only in $ US. So i have to pay good amount of coversion fees to my bank over and above the price of the game. Steam on the other hand accepts local currency and is one click...
  14. killferd

    Biostar A10N-8800E

    perfect for multiple office PC setup running word, web, etc. The cost adds up and especially when you have multiple PC to configure, this would fit nicely in one of the mini-cases with inbuild 250w power supply. add a cheap 250GB SSD and all done. $65 USD on aliexpress ...