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    Razer Could Introduce Company's First AMD-Powered Laptop

    Most of the ones I see with HDMI have it wired to the iGPU, with their USB-C ports wired to the dGPU
  2. king of swag187

    Seagate Giveaway: IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD

    I need the Seagate IronWolf 125 960 GB SSD because my sisters 160GB HDD sucks.
  3. king of swag187

    Which Laptop Should I Go With For CAD and CNC Work

    In terms of build quality of the above, Razer > Lenovo > G14 I would also look into the Dell Precision lineup of laptops as well as HP's ZBook lineup. I would remove the G14 from the equation, it is a gaming laptop with mediocre build quality at best
  4. king of swag187

    Razer Also Announces the Razer Book 13—Performance Meets Productivity

    Wow cool razer can make a MBP 13" competitor that's got a massive logo on the back. Remind me why, outside of I/O, I wouldn't go for the XPS 13 on sale, or even the Razer Stealth? This just seems like a way to phase out the iGPU only models of the Stealth
  5. king of swag187

    Best Board For The i7 4790

    Any Z97/H97 board with M.2 will either be limited to x4 2.0, or use CPU lanes to achieve x4 3.0. Realistically you would be much better off a with a AM4 (Ryzen) or LGA 1200 (Intel) build. 1151 is EOL. I would wait for the 10100F to release, itll be faster than the 4790 at ~$20 less than what I...
  6. king of swag187

    Realtek 8125B 2.5G vs. Intel Gigabit?

    I'd rather have the Intel NIC for the superior drivers and given lower latency, but if you are going to be using your LAN a lot, then maybe the 2.5GbE is worth it to you
  7. king of swag187

    Is there an ASRock X79 Extreme11 equivalent for current(ish) boards?

    X79 is 40 lanes off the CPU, then 8 off the PCH (locked to x4 2.0 bandwidth). Modern Intel is 16 PCIE lanes off the CPU, then 24 off the chipset (locked to x4 3.0 bandwidth). Modern Ryzen is variable, but the mainstream chips have 20, a x16 link then a primary M.2 at x4, then an additional 16...
  8. king of swag187

    Flashing Sapphire Pulse Rx 580 8gb 2048sp

    Then just return it lol
  9. king of swag187

    samsung 960 evo 500gb - read only 2100 MB/s?

    Ah, was thinking of a different board. Just know that if you put the ssd in any PCIE slot, your main x16 link drops to a x8 due to lack of CPU lanes, the low speed could be due to distance from the CPU itself. The board has a onboard m.2 connector, but itll only run at ~800MBps
  10. king of swag187

    Will RTX 3080 be worth it with PCI-E 3.0?

    It's ever so slightly faster with the 10900K than 3900XT, so yes lol
  11. king of swag187

    samsung 960 evo 500gb - read only 2100 MB/s?

    Second x16 slot is only x4 2.0
  12. king of swag187

    AMD Rolls Out Radeon RX 5300: 1408 SP, 3GB GDDR6

    Why did you pay $166 for what is basically a 580
  13. king of swag187

    MSI Registers 29 Upcoming Ampere Graphics Cards With The EEC

    Are they planning to launch stable drivers?