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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Yeah it's hugely overrated... most games won't see any benefit... unless you play Panzer Elite... i play Panzer Elite (not modded) a lot:oops: PE runs 10fps faster in XP with dual P3 than in win98 with single P3, form 23 to 33fps, it's a huge difference imo. Max Payne runs faster too i think...
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    Love the RAM on it's own board! Wish mine was like that, instead the ram slots eat a lot of room on the mobo. This is one of my retro rigs, it's based on a Compaq AP550 workstation. specs: dual P3 coppermine 1GHz dual channel 512 MB RDRAM 800MHz Dual OS: one SCSI 18GB HDD with WinXP and one...
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    PS4 optical Audio to X-FI Titanium 5.1

    Hi I used to have my PS3 connected this way to my PC. PS3 to Titanium HD or a Xonar DX though optical spidf. You can only output stereo, it's not the sound card (don't bother buying a new one), but a limitation of how DD and DTS works.
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    Radeon settings missing feature?

    I always created overdrive profiles/presets to set the fan at stock speed for windows use and at 55% for gaming. To activate a profile/preset i used a combination of keys like Alt+F9 etc. I can't do this anymore, it ask to add the app .exe or shortcut, the option to use hotkeys is gone???. I'm...
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    Is this PC good ?

    It's a bit more than $680, but i would buy something like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/36xJ4D
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    Assetto Corsa with xbox 360 controller?

    I play AC with the 360 pad (half my time with the game is with pad and the other with a G27), it's way better than pCARS with a pad IMO. I have no problems controlling the cars in AC with the X360 pad, in pCARS i just don't feel the car and can't seem to find a config that pleases me. I really...
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    Gigabyte 280X Windforce Rev.2 rare artifacts

    My card (R9 280x) artifacts like that occasionally in several games. I also play WoT and sometimes there are artifacts and glitches like that. Nothing i did solved the problem (overclock, underclock, under and over volt , drivers updates) Card was tested on different PCs with different PSUs...
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    r9 290(x) vs 280x

    I also have a 280X, and i see no point in replacing it with a marginally faster (considering what is coming) card like a 290, 290x, GTX970.
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    PC restarts after installing Steam and DotA 2

    The problem is that the FPS is a multi rail PSU, it has two 22A rails, so you have to balance the load in each rail carefully otherwise it won't work properly.
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    HD 7970 GHz/R9 280/R9 280X - failure rate.

    I have a ASUS R9 280X direct CUII TOP. Once in a while (sometimes once or twice a month, although it didn't artifacted recently) some games (not all) start artifacting, solution is to exit and restart the game. IMO it's a hardware/bios issue, because no driver update since i bought the card...
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    Making the case for a console over a PC with Far Cry 4

    I voted yes, just because IMO consoles are till more user friendly than PCs, although the gap has closed a lot in the recent years. I would have voted NO if i considered only my personal experience, because: -buying games for my PS3 (both physical and digital) has been more difficult here...
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    Insane VRAM overclocking

    True, OC varies a lot from card to card.
  13. KingPing

    Insane VRAM overclocking

    maybe they want to keep temps and fan noise below certain parameters, so they don´t push clocks so high. TBH most of the time i run the card at it stock clocks which are 1070/1600. OC it to 1125/1800 is nice but you gain only around 10% more performance. I guess that with the card you have...
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    Insane VRAM overclocking

    I OC my 280X to 1800Mhz mem and 1125Mhz core (could OC to 1150Mhz before omega drivers). I do OC the card with CCC.
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    is this GPU a big upgrade?

    If it's something temporal go for a GTX750Ti