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    Borderlands 3 Possibly Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC, Fans Worry Based on Old Tweet

    It's not just about that. It's more about the fact that Epic Game Store literally is a security risk. Steam stealing money is just plain ridiculous! No one is forced to use Steam, there were a lot other platforms in the last few years, many of them perished with little if any trace left about...
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    Borderlands 3 Possibly Exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC, Fans Worry Based on Old Tweet

    I will absolutely get the game, Collector's Edition, in an instant, because I love the series. But if it will be EGS exclussive, I will sell the code and torrent the game itself till they get it on Steam. Period.
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    Metro Exodus Now Available For Preload On Steam

    Perhaps I was wrong, but as I see, the point was not abut the 50% price off, but having it on steam. The 50% off is an educated guess abut it's price 1 year after release. Yea, I can feel that. It's always a key moment to deliver the product to those who might be interested. It's not necessary...
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    beyerdynamic Drives Wireless Innovation with Xelento

    Well I did and still do with my BEO P2. I have an Ety but my problem were not the cord noise but the noises of my own body interfering with the music. I can't listen to it while I hear the shockwaves of my steps through my skeleton or my heart pounding in my ear. It can be my fault for not...
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    beyerdynamic Drives Wireless Innovation with Xelento

    Guess he means that easy-to-loose nonsense apple and the others created with about 2-4 hours of max running time/charge. Where you just have two little piece of whatever to plug in your ear and nothing else.
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    Metro Exodus Now Available For Preload On Steam

    There can't be no exceptions. Having those only sends the message: You are willing to put aside your principles in certain circumstances. That means it's only a matter of good hype to get you in that emotional state again. Next time they maybe not going to pull it from steam, instead they don't...
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    Phanteks Announces the Release of New Glacier Series Products and Accessories

    Then you cut! This is for those who are able to make some cuts just don't want to bother building the whole replacement bracket up from scratch. Widening the selection of cases you can build. For every others, well, they can look for a case with factory solution for the vertical mount.
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    LucidSound Ships LS41 Wireless Surround Gaming Headset

    Aaand, yes... Another headphone that works with consoles wirelessly but needs a cable to use with a phone... No... Lucid, the word that means clear, understandable. Except the above, there's nothing between LucidSound and LucidLogix.
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    JOLED Announces OLED Panels for PC Monitors, Expected to Hit the Market in 2019

    Samsung,Apple and other phone/tablet sales tells otherwise. How's that possible you think 4K on 21" is a nonsens but 1080p+ on 4-10" are good? Why nobody protesting to get its 480x320 phone back? What a nonsense... I mean, c'mon! You don't have to see all pixels one by one, you just need an...
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    ViewSonic Prepares XG240R 144 Hz Gaming Monitor With RGB Accent Lighting

    Technically, ambilight stuff is good to cover up the lacking of good colors and contrast ratio, which most TNs are suffering. This actually is a valid product, the only problem is the pricing.
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    LucidSound Starts Pre-Order Campaign for LS41 Wireless Surround Headset

    Uhmm... What? Wireless with stationary devices and wired with mobile ones?
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    Blizzard Remasters Warcraft III, Releases 2019 as Warcraft III: Reforged

    People are different. No matter who's doing what there will be a group of individuals who won't like it. I for example am absolutely full of these remasters and "factory-made n+1th copysodes of the same old" games. I like to see real creative work put into things because having a remaster...
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    Cooler Master Debuts ControlPad via Kickstarter

    And not just that. The whole flat design is off. I bought my Razer Nostromo ages ago when it was sold by Belkin but it's an absolutely ergonomic design made for gaming.
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    NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti Ray-tracing "SOTR" Barely Manages 30-60 FPS at Full HD

    I wanted to say that +20-25% perf gain is hardly a disappointment, but considering the almost 50% price increase compared to it's predecessor there is a big chunk of nothing you have to fill in to get at least equal in performance/pricing. I wonder if RT can fill in that hole with that...