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    10 Years Jail for Buying, Selling, Mining Crypto-currency in India: New Bill

    Don't worry it's just this new trend of banning competitors (Iran/Venezuela's oil, Huawei, BTC...) I wonder who came up with this bill? Banking lobby?
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    ASUS Shows Off its X570 Motherboard Lineup: ITX Included

    VRM watercooling, and they keep the fan for chipset... *facepalm* Give us a full board waterblock!
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    Spire Intros LCG-HSR Line of AIO Liquid CPU Coolers

    Smaller blades to fit hot leds... has the world gone insane?
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    Intel's Core i7-8700K Generational Successor Could be 8-core

    Cool, more reason to wait for 9th gen. (+Spectre fixed) My Sandy bridge will finally retire :) Well, only it Intel price stay under 400$...
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    Intel Core i9 7900X Overclocked to 6.01 GHz Under LN2 - Beats HWBOT World Record

    Gigabyte X299 SOC Champion motherboard where to buy?
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    ASUSTOR Announces Intel Core i5-powered AS7004T-i5 and AS7010T-i5 NAS

    Only 4 HDD... it's impossible to find a compact case with 10 or more 3.5" bay Too bad asustor is using an old cpu with hdmi 1.4 I'd love to see a NAS with a recent ultra low power cpu, like they use on laptop
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    Invading Subscriber Privacy - Senate Says ISPs Can Now Sell Your Data

    "the content of communications" video streaming on skype is a communication, will they record it too? They gonna need a bigger hard drive... Hackers will buy sensitive info and use it against you (passwords, blackmail...)
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    American Megatrends Adds UEFI Bluetooth Keyboard Support to UEFI Firmware

    Oh no a hacker changed my overclocking settings!! Don't worry :)
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    EKWB Unveils EK-FC R9-295X2 for Radeon R9 295X2

    nice now we can fit 7x 295X2 :D
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    EK Introduces ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition AIO Water Cooling Solution

    maybe you can remove the heatpipe and keep the i/o cover worst case scenario you cut it off
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    ASUS Demos its HyperXpress SSD

    sata express is more like raid express for dummies? so many unnecessary parts :(
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    Lian Li to Showcase DK01 Desk Chassis at CeBIT 2014

    lame... check this desk instead ;) http://www.redharbinger.com/press/ 2000€ :D
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    EK Introduces Industry-First DDC Heatsink Housing

    Industry-First? http://koolance.com/heat-sink-for-pmp-400-pump http://www.swiftech.com/MCP35X-HS.aspx http://www.swiftech.com/MCP35X2-HS.aspx not housing but come on, same thing..
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    Palit Announces Closer Cooperation With EKWB

    palit the only manufacturer who void warranty if you unscrew the stock cooler... (for waterblock installation, cleaning...) they even put a sticker on the screws now they act like they give a fuck about watercooling...
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    How much do you spend on headset/headphones?

    same headset 130€ in 2009 :)