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    Laptops - what does the industry need to fix?

    Poor thermals, some laptops are designed to work with thermal throthling, I was repasting friends MSI laptop, and I gained from 30 seconds that was throttling to 60 seconds before it started throttling, using prime 95 to stress test it.
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    [US] Steam Controller 90% off $5!

    I thought about this controller as for driving games, triggers are really awful but gyroscope is really great, now I need to print desk mount to get it work like a wheel :)
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    Help install win 10 on samsung 970 evo plus

    Ok, about heat sink it has thermal pad? And you removed the plastic cover for thermal pad? About load, do You have windows 10, and it is not doing any background tasks, and if antivirus software is not working on the background? And can you check other components temperatures? On for example hw...
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    Help install win 10 on samsung 970 evo plus

    Graphics card is not covering the disc? Samsung says in datasheet that it should operate between 0 to 70 Celsius degrees, and I've got 970 Evo plus 500 GB and idle temps are lower than 40 degrees.
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    Help install win 10 on samsung 970 evo plus

    Samsung nvme ssd are hot, friends 1tb 970 Evo plus hits 103 Celsius degrees in laptop. So 85 is quite good, do You have good airflow over the heat sink?
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    Volume Licensing, buying Windows 10

    I bought Windows 10 ltsc from scdkey and it normally activated, so as long I can activate this CD keys from "shady" sites, I think it is good product.
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    [US] Steam Controller 90% off $5!

    Thank you very much, I was looking for controller over a year now, and now I bought it.
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    The smell of burnt electronics...

    Have You checked power and extension cords? I hope it would not happen again, but if you can try to check if you can spot the difference in temperature of power cords, cause where is burned smell there is higher load, and more heat from cables.
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    Collecting some statistics about using 5.25" HDD

    About 5.25 I ve got one of those sleds for hdd, but I don't use it, cause it's pain if you need to swap hdd fast, and you need to unscrew hdd and then screw in next hdd. Toshiba p300 3tb is laud.
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    Collecting some statistics about using 5.25" HDD

    About 3.5 HDD, I hate them to have in my case, cause they are so laud I will try to buy one of those https://www.orico.shop/en/orico-transparent-docking-station-for-25-or-35-inc.html Cause i only need hdd for 5 minutes per day to work to make backup and then power them off.
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    Is this setup ok?? Plz help

    About motherboard, check if seller is giving updated bios cause this board was meant to use ryzen 2000 series, and with new bios it will work with ryzen 3000 series. And this motherboard has to low bios memory to support full MSI bios and You will get gse light version...
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    Adata's Confusing lineup

    The sx 8800 is one sided ssd, so the memory chips are stored on one side of ssd. They say on it's website that is intended to use in laptops. Sx 8100 I think is double sided ssd, but after work I will search more.
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    Sharkoon Announces the REV200 Case

    I like the idea of mobo rotated 90 degrees, my work program uses hardware USB key, and it works good only in back USB, so I've got case on my desk and back on front. So that layout could help me get the case under the desk again.
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    [Sponsored] AMD ThreadRipper 3960X Aorus Build by Duality92

    It looks really great, will you synchronize the ram colour with build?
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    Laptop CPU usage much lower than base speed

    It's a shame that did not work for you, some ppl in Internet says it's due to the exceed of the power that battery /wall charger can input to parts. Can you try to play pes 2019 with max procesor state on 90% and check temperatures? If this won't work I don't know what could help you, sorry.