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    MediaTek Announces Dimensity 700 SoC For Mass Market 5G Smartphones

    Aren't mediatek SoCs usually really lacking on the graphics side of things? Hopefully, some small manufacturer will use one of these budget 5G chipsets in a decent, simple phone, with a removable battery. I know someday I'll have to replace my LG V20.
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    AMD Unveils Ryzen Embedded V2000 Processors with Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

    I'd take a Zen2 based SBC with an external GPU on an m.2's x4. Price premium just isn't worth it, usually.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Landing in January at $999

    If nVidia is releasing a high-end card to compete with big navi, then it's a pretty sure bet Navi 21 is actually fantastic. 3090 is going to need Titan/Quardo pro driver optimizations or dropped in price to $1199.99. 4GB of RAM isn't worth $500, but being able to do "pro" work is. Also not...
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    XFX Teases AMD RX 6800 XT, RX 6800 Graphics Cards

    Raevanlord is probably closer to being correct, but it's not impossible there could be a partner-optional 6800XL between the 6700xt and (vanilla) 6800. IIRC, internally, the 6800 is Navi 21 XL, so thats where it might be coming from.
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    Xiaomi Could be Preparing to Launch 240 Hz, 360 Hz 1080p Gaming Monitors Starting at $145

    Watching and participating in arguments of "You can't perceive more than 60hz" over the years has me feeling rather smug as of late. Seeing quantified results and marketable high refresh rate displays has been a huge "I told you so" to all the naysayers. Glad to see this tech becoming more...
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    RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice

    Gotta love EMI/RFI design oversights. From what I've read, it is the bane of every freshly college-educated EE and many a veteran EE. I bet somebody on the design teams knew that this would cause a problem and was promptly ignored after referencing datasheets claiming "It'll be fine!"
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    AMD "Lucienne" Silicon to Power Certain Ryzen 5000 Series APUs

    Ah, back to the A64 days where a single generation had different core code names, sometimes on different nodes, and with different cache configurations and architectural iterations. As long as the models are named and marketed according to performance, I see nothing wrong with this.
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    QNAP Launches USB 3.2 Gen 2 Dual-port PCIe Expansion Card for NAS and PC

    For the marketed applications, USB-A would seem preferrable. The article talks about USB JBOD and NAS usage. The idea with something like this would be to attach a hub to each port and then attach multiple inexpensive external mechanical drives. AFAIK, most of these drives still utilize USB-A...
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    Battletoads Launching August 20th on Xbox, Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass, & Steam

    The end must be neigh. Soon you'll be able to call Gamestop, ask if they have Battletoads, and the answer will be yes.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G Geekbenched, Gets Close to 3700X-level Performance

    We're also going to be seeing considerable latency improvement. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Renoir Desktop APUs beating their Zen2 R3000 counterpart when both are pushed to 1800IF/3600DDR4 with pretty much no other tweaks. I'd love a 6c/12t or 8c/16t Renoir. Would put a massive...
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    Some AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Ship in Retail Boxes Meant for "Picasso" APUs

    Someone's in trouble. This kind of mix up gets companies sued or at least cost them $$$ recalling units from retail. Perhaps they just ran out of boxes and already cleared it with Legal? It's odd that the final seal is for the correct contents but the box says Ryzen 3.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G Overclocked to 4.65 GHz, Put Through Cinebench

    A water->oil->air intercooling loop could be made into quite a nice looking arrangement. Could even try to move the oil along passively, or include filtering.... There's so much I want to add-on, but this idea really needs it's own thread. The setup in the pics looks like someone in a shipping...
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    Weird Ryzen Mobile behavior (3500U)

    It was quite a bit of work; fun though. Bought the base laptop(Single ch. RAM, 768p LCD, wimpy cooler that throttled under light load) for less than half market rate because it had some minor cosmetic damage (nail polish remover I think) and the prev. owner thought the touchpad was bad...
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    Acer Launches Enduro Lineup of Rugged Notebooks and Tablets

    Genuinely curious: Are there some legitimate reasons we do not see AMD in 'ruggedized' mobile devices? There are many 'in the field' applications I can think of where the extra computing and graphics horsepower alongside the durability could be worthwhile.
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    AMD Readies PRO565 Desktop Chipset

    Very interesting. I have a friend that wanted to build a NAS w/ an r3 3100 and B550. Sadly, no B550 boards quite fit his needs. ASrock Rack makes some x470 server boards that were closer, but no pcie 4 or AM4-sunset CPU support. This chipset seems to be positioned towards server, storage, and...