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    ASUS Rolls Out TUF B450M-Pro Gaming Motherboard

    I don't quite understand how this is a 'new' board. It was on their site since at least late december 2018. That's also when I added it to my website: https://motherboarddb.com/motherboards/1469/TUF%20B450M-Pro%20Gaming/ So... why a press release now? :confused:
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    NZXT Announces HUE 2 Ambient Kit V2

    I made my own DIY ambilight behind my (ultrawide) monitor. It has more leds, fits my monitor exactly and is waaay cheaper than the NZXT stuff. Though of course it wasn't as plug&play as the NZXT kit and doesn't fit into their ecosystem.
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    ASRock Announces Steel Legend Family of Motherboards

    These boards are just updated versions of the previous Asrock Pro4 models. Just compare the boards: https://motherboarddb.com/motherboards/1286/B450%20Pro4/ https://motherboarddb.com/motherboards/1587/B450%20Steel%20Legend/ https://motherboarddb.com/motherboards/1285/B450M%20Pro4/...
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    Transcend Launches MTE220S M.2 NVMe SSD Series

    For most users that might be true, but for big data storage (businesses, enthusiasts, prosumers etc.) I personally don't think ssds will be cheaper $/TB than hdds before 2025. I do hope so though, I hope so...
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    ASRock Announces its Intel B365 Motherboard Series

    It's not only the Apex boards that have a non-standard PCB shape. Asus has recently also started to apply it in the TUF series ;)
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    Lenovo Confirms Mobile GeForce GTX 1160 GPU, Or Does It?

    When I'm not logged in, the date of the article is Jun 28th, 2018 15:33, when I'm logged in the date of the article is Jun 28th, 2017 15:33 EDIT: Scrap that, I just refreshed the page and the date (while being logged in) is suddenly 2018. Is it random?
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    DOOM with Vulkan Renderer Significantly Faster on AMD GPUs

    Khronos doesn't favor AMD (or any other manufacturer), it's just that AMD's architecture is better suited for Vulkan. The same way that Nvidia's architecure is often better suited for other APIs.
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    New ThinkPad YOGA and ThinkCentre Tiny Transform Business Computing

    Are you referring to the 2nd image? In that image, the device is in tablet-mode, so the area around the keys has gone up. It's something that (as far as I know) is only used in Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga models (also in the current models): when you flip the model to tablet-mode, the area around the...