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    AMD Ryzen PRO 4750G, PRO 4650G, and PRO 4350G Tested

    google is your friend no? https://www.hardwaretimes.com/what-is-a-ccx-vs-ccd-in-an-amd-ryzen-processor/
  2. laszlo

    TSMC to Stop Orders from Huawei in September

    i see it like a territorial war soon as China will never recognize Taiwan as independent state; they clearly stated that will do anything for reunification...
  3. laszlo

    The Curious Case of the 12-pin Power Connector: It's Real and Coming with NVIDIA Ampere GPUs

    i really don't understand why we need so many 12 v rails as entrance to a vga; the current/power is coming from psu - one rail and is delivering the needed amps; even 3 12v rails can deliver and the wires support the max amps that cards need; on pcb entrance they make 3-6 points with different...
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    Mindshunter Announces Zephyr Gaming Mouse With a Built-in Cooling Fan

    next is a mouse with drink holder (of course rgb one , incorporated pump.. etc..)
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX Processor Pictured: 8-channel DDR4

    don't know if is fake or not but qr is aligned perfectly ...take a ruler and put it on screen..
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    Chinese Manufacturer ProArtist Solves AM4 CPU Mounting Problem with New IFE2 Bracket

    a hammer and a chisel will remove fast any sticking cooler....
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    Speakers make weird popping sound after shut down

    you turn off only one wire not both so power is passing by - like in a serial connection...;due the switch neon bulb ,which may be faulty ( even emit light, the anode and cathode may not be properly placed too close..) the capacitors will charge and discharge once a limit is reached...; the...
  8. laszlo

    Speakers make weird popping sound after shut down

    i clearly told you earlier what is the problem but you didn't want to understand...the bulb in the switch is a neon bulb which charge/discharge... this is how is functioning..due this you have current passing by in cycles....
  9. laszlo

    Speakers make weird popping sound after shut down

    the problem is the connector you use the culpable is the bulb in the switch; take it out or disconnect it
  10. laszlo

    Western Digital Comments Some More on WD Red Hard Drives

    they better leave all stickers white and end-user will have the option to paint them in what color they want :roll:
  11. laszlo

    Microsoft Extends its ATP Defender Protection to UEFI BIOS With UEFI Scanner

    just wonder how the scanner can recognize a hacked signed firmware ...
  12. laszlo

    XPG Prime ARGB Extension Cables 24-pin & 8-pin

    where are the glass case hdd's with rgb platter??o_O
  13. laszlo

    New SMM Callout Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affects AMD Platforms

    how we really know if amd(or others in the field) din't had covered/bribed security flaws?
  14. laszlo

    Club3D Intros DisplayPort to HDMI 4K-120Hz Adapter

    no RGB? than is worthless ..
  15. laszlo

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT and Ryzen 9 3900XT Listed on Amazon Italy, Release Dates Revealed

    unless they made changes and optimized it to have higher ipc to make it worth? ; we don't really know what is under the hood till is nda is lifted