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    Gpu rma water dammaged help

    Hi House hold insurance! atb Law-II
  2. Law-II

    Gpu rma water dammaged help

    Hi Welcome to TPU PC Power on or OFF [Y/N] ? atb Law-II
  3. Law-II

    I need help fixing VGA bios to make crossfire work.

    Hi +1 dorsetknob No bios flash will resolve this; as it is by manufactures design atb Law-II
  4. Law-II

    Burnout Paradise Remastered Official Reveal Trailer

    Hi I think this may be good for new recruits to the *Burnout franchise [*that had no bonnet cam and full wheel support];- however the map size would be to small, after playing "The Crew"; well just saying atb Law-II
  5. Law-II

    Can someone help me mod or flash bios 1050Ti gaming x

    Hi Before flashing; make a backup of the original vga Vbios; as this is not going to end well atb Law-II
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    BIOS Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti XTREME EDITION

    Hi bios files are small 128k 256k 512k they do not require extra recourses atb Law-II
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    BIOS Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti XTREME EDITION

    Hi Do you need this file? atb Law-II
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    Memory type unknown after flashing bios

    Hi Welcome to TPU Confirm this was a copy of the original Vbios from the vga card [Yes/No] Question: what version of NVFlash ? Have tried reinstalling driver! atb Law-II
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    Not downloading the BIOS (corrupted archive)

    Hi Welcome to TPU Change the file extension from TXT to .ROM from Gigabyte.GTX1080Ti.11264.170331.*txt [*change .txt] to Gigabyte.GTX1080Ti.11264.170331.rom could also try attached zip file in high compression .rar atb Law-II
  10. Law-II

    Bricked Msi Armor RX 570 4GB Elpida

    Hi Welcome to TPU +1 eidairaman1 No solder needed Attach thin wire to pin 1 and pin 8 to take the voltage low; [old IDE cable wire is ideal] example below: Loop wire to Vbios chip Leg 1 & 8 atb Law-II
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    Adaptor not found.......ati flash ???????

    Hi Welcome to TPU Advice for future post's; start a new post, (try not to use old post's that are about other cards as it dose not help other users.) Now that is out of the way; let's see what we can do to resolve this issue. What will be required! will need a *High Resolution picture of...
  12. Law-II

    Stupid Question Regarding Radiator Placement

    Hi Top exit should stop air building up in the rad Link here Note: If not able to *bleed air from the AIO unit: *Mount it with input and output at the bottom; this may give a little longer life, rather than drawing air through to the pump. atb Law-II
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    Overclocking GTX 1050 ti Windforce OC edition 4gb

    Hi +1 eidairaman1 The GTX 1050 Ti Windforce *OC edition 4gb is a manufacturer's pre binned **GPU [**graphics processing unit]; thus it has *OC [over clocked] in the title of the vga cards naming. Note: it is unlikely to overclock further On a side note this vga card has *boost built in to the...
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    RX 580 bad flash!

    Hi unplug network cable atb Law-II
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    E5-2690 v2 on LGA2011 x79 platform; mem clocks @ 1866MHz

    Hi Just a quick update I got the answers to a few questions here Page 8 (21) second paragraph as follows: "Processor type, DIMM type and *DPC value [*Deferred Procedure Calls] are strong influences on the memory frequency, which cannot be overridden via BIOS" [in a conventional way] Source...